"the bitter sweet truth."

Whi can't I make you hear what I'm saiing?
I recognize this.
You and I are finalli falling apart.
At this time I love you.
But I cannot honestli sai I love you like I used to.
I want us to be okai again.
You still aren't hearing me. What will it take for you to finalli listen?
I miss you-
but given the choice, I wouldn't change this.
This is just… the wai we are.
I wish you'd understand. God, YOU AREN'T LISTENING.
You hear mi words, but you aren't reading in between the lines.
You never read in between mi lines.
And over this past year, I've grown close to you.
But you aren't who I need animore.
You can't make me stai in love with you.

Do you hear me yet?