Why is it hard for me to feel?
I'm so numb, I can't feel pain
Why is it hard for me to cry?
Too emotionless to make it rain

Rain tears of crystal
Tears of sorrow
Tears with no hope
For a bright tomorrow

Why can't I feel anything?
For so long I searched deep inside
Why can't I feel hurt?
Not even the pain I usually hide?

The pain that kills me
Like a knife cutting through
The pain that overcomes me
When I think of you

Why can't I find my heart?
I searched my soul, it wasn't there
Can you help me find it?
Will you help? Or even care?

I searched high and low
For something I never knew existed
But I have to look for it
It's either find it or stay dead

But I can't seem to find it
I can't see it anywhere
I'm hollow inside
I'm afraid there's nothing there