Something inspired by Huy Ho's "Stars Above Us".

A gift from the Gods to have stars in the sky
To let that sun in the morning rise
They don't trust you
They so much hate you, want you to die
They wish you would give up
Lay down and die
But you press forward
Don't ask why
You find yourself someone
And when you think you're gone
They're they ones to go first

Death so close, life so frail
Breath so deep, bones gone stale
They want you to suffer,
To die here in vain
Wash yourself over, do it again
When you think it's at it's worst
The sun must rise again

Everything is pouring over
You can taste the end
They aren't supposed to die
You can't laugh, but you can cry
You will burn, and he will die
Nothing will bring you back
The end is something not so lax
You must face it
You can't erase it
The end comes with tears,
With pain,
Without friends

Nothing can quite explain
Lovers in a dark, dead time
People latching to each other
Hoping the best for one another
Nothing's left but faith and coward

Buried in the icy snow
Love and hate and things we don't know
Indescribable, undividable
The pain of dead is on your mind
Running like hell for all of time
You cannot fix a broken mind
You cannot blame yourself all the time
Why must you beg for everything
Why can't God give you something

Pain is all you feel as you awake
Blood on your face, perfectly caked
You feel your gut drop down to the floor
You're to tired to pick it up anymore
Walking in the cold, the sun beautiful
Reassured you'll go on
What is left at the beauty of dawn
He is the one to die this time
But you must pay an awful fine
Just to say, or almost say
What the last tried to say

And as you die, you will see
There is nothing left for you to be
His darling face, his burning fate
The stars that are not there
Hear the shrieks that you may make
Dying for a lover's sake