This pain is taking over me
And this fear is in my soul
So many of my tears are shed
They burn like acid on my skin
My heart is screaming in agony
Eyes are now as dull as stone
I want to escape my own body
Tear at my flesh
See the crimson rivers escape
Hope for a little peace in my life
Love was all I wanted to give
Tell you the truth in my mind
How can you do this to me?
Is your heart as cold as ice?
Do you enjoy raping my joy?
Kick me while I'm on me knees?
Mock me when I'm so weak?
Of course you do
But I know I can't stop loving you
It all kills me and I know it
Yet I cannot live just the same
Wanting you back again
Knowing I can be such a fool
Loving no matter what
Such painful feelings
But so much hope
Take me back and hold me close