I'm being torn to pieces
Feeling everything falling apart
Knowing my heart and soul are bleeding
Burning tears stinging my eyes
My mind screaming in a rage
Am I such a fool and so blind
To chase after broken love like a dog
You laugh I see it in your face
I'm just your little toy
Nothing more than that
So much pleasure in pain
And so much joy in this game
Little chance to escape
This is all a trap for me
Let me or, or let me die
I wont let you win
As scared as I am, I can
Find a way to save myself
I don't want to be weak
And you know I can be strong
To leave your world, I'll fall down
Broken and shattered, total agony
But time heals all wounds
I've learned so much
I know I will love again
Laugh now, but see me grow
See how pain will save me
Now say farewell