You look so sweet tonight
Who would ever guess?
Inside your pretty head
You're mind's a mess
But you have made your mark
Yeah, you have made your mark

(CHORUS riff)

You're lying in my arms
Your breath on my chest
And yet I know the truth
You're not like all the rest
But you stood and fought
Yeah you stood and fought

I need a little time
To get my own head together
Before I feel inclined
To make a promise of forever
Yeah, give me a little time
To keep myself together
Then maybe I'll be just fine
And we won't have to live forever

The candlelight on you
A silhouette in smoke
I'm so in love with you
Could this be a joke?
But then you held my hand
Oh yeah you held my hand


And now I'm such a little fool
I've got to take the chance
I've thrown your heart away
How can we still make plans?
I look into in your eyes
I look right in your eyes


Fades out with

I don't know what to do
I'm so in love with you
Don't want to break your heart
Won't let you fall apart