Love's Pleasures

The countless hours of
midnight chatter blossom
into budding blissful weeks that
brighten the heaviest poet's heart.

Unsteady times may linger in
intimate moments of sensual desires.
(Too seductive and heart-felt
for foolish deprived ears to listen.)

Whispers float like bubbles,
popping in my ear,
flowing in the beautiful
songs of love you sweetly sing.

Astray lips have gone
to wander all familiar contours
(and to discover the hidden secrets
passion can only reveal).

Hands, finger tipped with excitement
Play sensual spots; musical enough
for moans to sing out praise
of a lover's touch.

Ecstasy ignites, erupts, subsides,
again and again. (And again).
Ripples pleasure finally uncover
the untouched urges so unquenched.

Tension unleashed through
two lover's hearts; now
forever one to make the love
that Fate endures.

Dedication: To Anthony, my dearest love for our ninth month anniversary
(August 1, 2004). I present you with the final draft, carefully crafted
with my love for you.