Spongebob Squarepants
Look, it's Spongebob
The sponge named Bob
Eatin' corn on the cob
Tellin the fish to shut their gob
So he can find a real job

Then Spongebob
Ran into a mob
Who were out to wipe out another mob
So he began to sob
'Cause the mob was also out to rob

Then Spongebob
Got away from the mob
But he ran into Rob
Who began to sob
'Cause he saw Spongebob

And then Rob said, "You see Spongebob...
I began to sob
Because I'm not really Rob
But his brother Zob!"
And so one more mystery was solved
-Sonam and Vaishnavi


a/n: the above was written by me & my friend Vaishnavi . . .she's my poetry
buddy.we write poetry together.lol.don't mind the craziness!!!! oh & the
"gob" line was mine . ..i'm supposed to specify tht one