Noah had an ark
Which made the lovely dog bark.
So Noah took the dog to the park
And in the process, the dog caught a lark.
But, unfortunately the lark was stuck in a bark.
Then Noah said, 'Hark, Hark!'
"I think there are death eaters around 'cause I see the dark mark.
I think they're after the secret of the quark."
'Hark, Hark!'
There goes the dark mark in the dark.
There go the death eaters into the dark.
Followed by a dark shark.
The shark wants to eat them, Hark, Hark!
All this reminded Noah of Joan of Arc
Who perished at the hands of a shark
While Noah got lost in the park.
Then Noah went about screaming Hark Hark!
Until he was found by Micheal Jark
Who was eating the Dark Mark
Now that he knew the secret of the secret quark.
And that my friends is the story of Noah's ark,
the quark and the dark mark

-Sonam & Vaishnavi


a/n: the above was written by me & my friend Vaishnavi . . .she's my poetry
buddy.we write poetry together.lol.don't mind the craziness!!!!