Alanna Milton wakes up. She looks next to her bed and finds it is empty. She looks around the bedroom, seeing white plaster walls and a dresser-drawer. This certainly is not the shelter. She goes to the window and opens the curtains. She sees the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Now she remembers; this is a house somewhere in Redondo Beach where the police took her and her boy.

She gets out of the bedroom and walks down the carpeted hallway to the kitchen. The kitchen has an island counter, a sink, a Frigidaire refrigerator, and a stove. sitting on the island counter is a paper bag with the McDonald's logo.

"I got you two some breakfast," says Detective Feretti.

"Thanks," says Alanna. She takes out a styrofoam package from the bag and opens it to reveal pancakes and hash browns. This should keep her sated until lunch.

She looks around, in this sparsely furnished house that is not hers. On her wedding day, she never imagined she would end up here, hiding from her own husband.

Of course, this is a nice place to hide out, close to the beach and all.

Minutes later, the boy comes out.

"Hey there," says Feretti. "I got breakfast from McDonald's."

"Yay!" shouts the boy. He takes out the styrofoam package to reveal pancakes and hash browns.

"You might want to wash this down with something else besides water," says Feretti, handing mother and child little cartons of orange juice.

"Did you have breakfast?" asks Alanna.

"Yeah," replies Feretti. "And don't worry, we have a police car parked in front and there are plainclothes officers staking out this place. So, what is this thing between you and your husband?"

"I was a cocktail waitress at this popular club in Hollywood," says Alanna. "He was young, handsome, and rich. He was a real estate developer. Soon, we were married in Hawaii and we had our honeymoon there."

"And then things went downhill."

"He started coming home late at night. Working late, he said. But then I found out the truth. He was having an affair. I confronted him about it, and he struck me. I was pregnant at the time. Then the beatings became regular. Two months ago, I was pregnant with my second. I said something bad to him after finding out he was with another woman. He beat me harder than before- and I lost the baby." Alanna looks back into the past, at the moment when she miscarried. "So you think my husband hired that guy?"

"He has the money," says Feretti. "We're checking to see if he made significant cash withdrawals from any of his bank accounts."

The front door opens, and Detective Charlebois walks in. "Everything okay?" asks the detective sergeant.

"Everything's fine," says Alanna. "Thank you for doing this."

"It's our job, ma'am," says Charlebois. "We got a plan to nab this guy. You see, we're gonna leak some information out on the street. Our ninja friend is going to hear it and check it out. When he does, there'll be fifty cops surrounding him. He won't escape. Once we catch him, then maybe the DA can cut a deal with him to testify against your hubby."

"So you're gonna use me as bait?' asks Alanna.

"Sort of," says Feretti. "We'll leak that the safehouse is in El Segundo. That's where we'll catch him. You'll be safe with us here."

"Thanks," says Alanna. "Do you have any kids?"

"I have a wife and girl," says Detective Charlebois.
El Hombre Afilado walks along the beach in Redondo Beach, blending in with the people who visit this beach. He hears the sounds of the ocean's waves crashing onto the sand and snippets of conversdation from passers-by. He looks towards the house where Alanna Milton is camping out.

He goes back many years, when he was an interrogator for the secret police. He remembers the screams of his victims as he cut their flesh into ribbons. He became an expert at it, avoiding major blood vessels so they do not bleed too quickly.

Then he lost his job during a coup. He was fortunate he was able to flee during the chaos of the coup; he would most certainly be put before a firing squad if the new regime ever got a hold of him.

He has nothing to complain about now, given that he has a well-paying career, even if he does have to pay for his own health insurance.

Miles Milton wakes up in his bed in his home in Beverly Hills. Next to him is the beautfiul red-headed woman he just has sex with.

"I wonder what the big deal is about your wife, honey," says his adulterous mistress. "If she wants to leave, let her leave."

"That bitch is mine," replies Miles, getting dressed. "For her to leave me is disrespect. I'm not gonna tolerate an unfaithful bitch. I'd better go get dressed and head to the office."

Miles has breakfast and then gets into the driver's seat of his Lincoln Town Car. As he drives off, a Mercedes-Benz follows him.

"At least we get to drive a luxury car," says the driver of the Mercedes.

"We'd better tail him," says Detecticve Sergeant Aaron Charlebois.

And so the two police detectives follow Miles Milton as he drives down the hill towards the center of Beverly Hills. Miles heads westbound on Santa Monica Boulevard. He leaves Beverly Hills, passes through Los Angeles, and enters Santa Monica. He parks his car at a Chevron gas station. The detectives driving the Mercedes park nearby and observe.

Miles inserts coins into a GTE pay phone. He dials a number.

"Hello?" asks El Hombre Afilado, sitting in a Starbucks coffeeshop in Redondo Beach.

"This is Milton," says Miles Milton. "I'm calling from a pay phone in Santa Monica. Any news on Alanna?"

"The police have her stashed in a safehouse in Redondo Beach. I could do her myself. Do you still want to speak with her before the job is done?"

"Of course I do. I want to let her know who the man is."

"Make sure to bring your fee."

Miles hangs up the phone and goes back to his car. He continues westbound on Santa Monica Boulevard, suspecting- with good reason-that the police are following his every move.

Aaron Charlebois and Kevin Feretti wait inside the Mercedes parked near the Milton residence in Beverly Hills. They see the red Lincoln Town Car leave the Milton Estate. Charlebois starts the Mercedes's engine and follows the Town Car. After navigating through city streets amid heavy traffic, they find themselves in West Hollywood. The Lincoln Town Car pulls up to a valet parking lot for a nightclub.

"Maybe we should go inside the club," saysd Feretti.

They watch as the driver's side doorm 0of the Lincoln Town Car opens. a red-haired woman steps out.

"Shit," says Charlebois. "He gave us the slip."

Alanna Milton takes a bite off the slice of a pepperoni pizza from Domino's Pizza. There is over half a pizza left.

"When will we get to go home?" asks her son.

"As soon as they catch that bad man," she replies.

the door pops open. Alanna looks and sees a man in a nija outfit wielding a sword.

"We have an appointment," says el Hombre Afilado. Thw sword glows.

"Stop right there," says a plainclothes police officer in the room, aiming a Beretta semiautomatic pistol at him.

Suddenly he feels a shapr pain in his forearm. He looks down and sees that shuriken had pierced his forearm. The blood already flows out.

"I have business here," says El Homnbre Afilado.

"Hello, Alanna," says Miles Milton, stepping into the living room of the house, carrying a briefcase. "I paid good money to see this. We could have had a happy life together, but you spurned me. I won't let another man have you."

"I will enjoy cutting you upo into little pieces," says El Hombre Afilado.

He looks and sees something coming his way. a chair. He does not react and the chair hits him right in the head.

"I guess that will have to wait," says the Crusader.

"you again!" yells el Hombre Afilado. "You will die tonight." He comes out with his sword swinging. The Crusader uses his enhanced agility to keep away from the sharp, deadly blade.

As the super hero and the assassin fight it out, Alanna uses the opportunity to flee with her son.

The blade of that sword is deadly. If only the Cruader could nullfy the advantage.

El Honbre Afilado swings, barely missing the super hero. The Crusader then closes in at point blank range. He grabs the assassin and delivers some sharp knees into his solar plexus.

Miles Milton looks as the man he hired to kill his wife falls. He turns towards the front door.

and sees police cars approaching, their sirens wailing and lights flashing.

"Time for me to depart," says El Hombre Afilado, his body wracked with pain.

"No," says the Crusader. Suddenly there is a bright flash and a loud bang. The Crusader is stunned for a moment. A moment is all El Hombre Afilado needs to get away.

"Shit," he says.

An ambulance takes the wounded police officer away. Miles Milton is arrested and placed inside a Ford Crown Victoria police car.

"Thank you," says Alanna. "You saved us."

"I saved you for now," replies the Crusader. "But let me tell you about someone who can save you for all time. His name is Jesus."

"He's that baby in the manger, right?"

"He is more than that. He is God Almighty. As Jesus Christ, He died on the cross one thousand nine hundred sixty-four years ago to pay the price for our sins. On the third day He rose from the dead and opened the way to Heaven. Once you repent your sins and accept Him as your Saviour, you will be saved. And that is one promise that will never be broken. Nothing in the world is a greater threat to you than sin. Jesus can save you from sin and from Hell."

Andrew Curtis watches as the potatoes are boiled for Thanksgiving lunch at the Our Lady of Charity Home for Children. He and other volunteers are preparing the thanksgiving lunch for the children living in this orphanage. the kitchen is busier than ever, with volunteers cooking food donated by many people. The smell of various foods fills the room, causing stomachs to churn.

"Hi, Andrew," says Rachel, coming in.

"id didn't know you volunteered here," says Andrew.

"It's a tradition we have," replies Rachel.

Andrew notices she is accompanied by an older man. The man clearly stands a foot above him, like a man mountain.

"Who's that?" asks Andrew.

"He's my dad," says Rachel.

"My name is Joseph Hayes," says the man, extending his right hand. "This orphanage is one of my favorite charities. I decidedf to stop by and help with some of the food I donated."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," replies Andree, shaking his hand.