One Day
People talk of peaceful deaths
When the dying sort of sags in someone's arms
After saying something dramatic
Like "I love you"
Or "Remember me"
Or "Stay golden"
But that's only in books
Only in stories with Unicorns and Fairies
Tales where every things fiction
Where there is no taste of reality
In real life many people die in terror
They have no one to care for them
No one's arms to be in to say something exciting
The last thing they hear are screams and explosions
The last thing they see is blood
Blood that is sweet revenge for one
And death for another
Blood that means the end for both
They die wondering how someone could kill their selves to kill others
How someone could take a bomb
Strap it to themselves
Knowing the whole time
That in a few moments they
And many others
Will be dead
How could they be taught to do this
Doesn't some parent love their child
Or maybe they're forced
Forced to take that dangerous thing
And tie it to themselves
I wonder what their last thoughts are
Or do they scream in pain
Do they really want to do this
Who really would
But would it really matter
I guess if the life they lived was so bad
That it would not even count
If they lived
Or if they died
If they suffered
Or if they lived to a old age
And die peacefully
Like it those stories
In the stories
Everyone dies peacefully
At least in a way that they feel no pain
Or no anger
In stories they don't hear
The bombs going off and more screams of the dying
In stories you hear the music of the angels
The sweet melody of the heaven
Opening to reveal the world above
But in real life it's not like that
Not at all
There is no peace anymore
Those who are lucky will be able to have little pain
But that love and kindness before death hardly happens anymore
There is no affection
There is no care
There is only hate
Hate and Anger
It is what the world is now
I don't see how we can still live happy lives
When at this moment
So many are dying
So many are crying out loud to God
Why did this happen
Why is it me
And why could I at least see my family
To say goodbye
One last time
But I will be brave
I will fight forwards
This will not happen to all
One day there will be peace
One day there will be no bombs
One day it will be like the stories
One day death will be done with grace
One day bodies will be put into graves
And not blown to pieces which nobody can find
One day death will be love