Closing my weary eyes, I try to rest my tender and tired soul.
But it's not possible with your image haunting me.
There I see you, but in reality you're not really here.
I thought I could handle the distance, but I'm losing control!

The distance, all 4663 miles of it, lies between Havana and London.
It's the distance between lil' ol' me, and lil' ol' you.
It's what I have to travel just to get to you, just to see you.
But that's reason enough, just let me get the money and it's done!

I thought I could cope with the months away from my one girlfriend,
But I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms and it only been days!
I feel as if I've lost half of me, that it stayed in Havana with you...
I never anticipated this burden! Argh, when will the suffering end?!

Now, nothing feels as good as it used to, not since I met you.
Eating my favourite meal here is nowhere as fulfilling as tasty
As eating even plain rice, if I'm eating it with you as company.
Some are familiar with this emotion, but to me it's brand new.

So, to those who know what the heck I'm talking about,
Can you please give me some good advice to get it out?!

[Author's note: I know most readers are Americans, so 4662 Miles is roughly 7505km. I'm from England, so that's why I stated miles.]