The instant my eyes are closed,
There you are to haunt me.
But if I reach out for you,
You disappear so easily.
You haunt my every dream,
Reminding me of our past.
Is it because of my love,
That the dream goes so fast?

Writing essays for uni projects
Turn into love letters for you.
The pictures I draw turn into you,
And leaves me a shade of blue.
Taking a stroll in the city,
Makes me day-dream of what has been.
I love you like Adam loved Eve.
I love you like the grass is green.

You're haunting my every second.
You're taking over every limb.
I'm saturated with thoughts of you,
And I'm full of you to the brim.
There's only one way to vacate this feeling
And that's to be with my woman.
But that's not possible now, is it?
And now life is no longer fun.

Thoughts of you haunt me.
They wear me down,
Grinding at my resilience.
Part of me wants to join you now,
Before it's time to.

Should I?

After all, I love you...
And without you, I'm nothing
My world is filled with misery,
Just because you're not beside me...
So I ask you one more time:

Should I join you?