Raise your flag high
Cry out so loud
America the great
Stand tall and proud

The land of the free
The home of the brave
Be proud of your homeland
From birth to the grave

But not everything is perfect
In the land of the free
I won't turn a blind eye
And pretend not to see

There's chaos in the streets
The children, they bleed
It seems everyone follows
This unspoken creed

The creed is loud and clear
Fuck everyone else
The only person that matters
Is you, and yourself

Drive by shootings
Murder and rape
Corruption and lies
No one is safe

The foundation of the country
Is going to slowly erode
We've become so terrible
We'll surely implode

Go ahead and put
Your little flag on your car
But what good will that do
Will it take you so far

I don't know what happened
To the land of the free
But I can tell you for sure
It doesn't feel free to me