I awoke in a cold sweat.

My mind raced as fast as my heart,

Trying to find the reason why,

Slowly the details returned to me.

It's hard to describe it all in words,

But I will try.


It was a day like any other,

But I, and only I, could feel that there was something wrong.

Time passed in waves,

Seconds elapsed in days,

And hours into minutes.

Sound would ebb and flow,

Like the ever-changing tides.

But it was only me who could sense it.

A rift in the earth sprouted, but only I could see.

Droves unknowingly marched to their deaths.

I tried to turn around,

To escape the blind masses,

But they dragged me along with them.

When I approached the rift I thought I could leap across,

But I wasn't strong enough so I plummeted.

I fell through the subterranean darkness.

At that moment I was blind.

The blackness consumed me.

I continued to fall in despair, but then something caught my eye.

A single gleam of light, reflecting off of something bellow.

As I got closer I could see what it was,

A crystal blue lake,

Like a liquid diamond.

I hit the water and suddenly a light shot forth,

Illuminating everything,

And rift came alive.

I could see the people falling,

Hitting the water like bullets.

They sank through the water like dead weights,

Which was now alive with every color imaginable.

While the others sank I found that I could swim.

No, not just swim, I could fly through the water with the grace of a dolphin.

I swam in delight, dodging the falling bodies without a care.

I can't be sure how long I did this.

With time in flux it could have been minutes,

It could have been days.

It didn't matter how long because I didn't care.

It was only when I came to the sunken road that I also came back to reality.

It came up out of the water and led back to the surface.

I realized that I belonged up there.

This was no place for me,

Reveling as others fell around me.

I began up the road slowly walked all the way up the angled slope,

People fell like raindrops as I continued on.

I let out a sigh of exhaustion that echoed infinitely.

It took its own life,

Dancing off the rift walls with its own contentment.

I stood there, bemused.

By the time I reached the top my muscles were dead,

But a feeling of fulfillment came over me.

I craned my head back and saw more people leaping in.

I didn't care about them anymore.

If they were so willing to jump in then they can get out themselves,

I turned my back to them and continued walking on the path upwards.

And that was that.