A/N: This is dedicated to Michelle, whose memory will not be forgotten, and Kada, whose strength is something to be envied


A candle is lit, and a flame is sparked.

Dancing, alive, it is your light that we follow,

your glow that guides us, when the darkness falls

and we can't find our way.

Like any living thing, you soon begin to fade,

your lifeline, the wick,

crumbling and burning as ashes fall,

wax melting and dripping like tears,

similar to the ones that track down my cheeks.

I watch sadly as your spark grows dimmer and dimmer,

and soon you are little more than the size of the match that created you.

I, unable to watch you struggle to retain your light,

close my eyes as I blow softly,

a silent kiss goodbye.

But when I open them again, I see that you are not really gone,

but instead metamorphasized,

your gray smoke floating upwards, higher, higher,

until finally I am unable to see you anymore.

You, my light, have gone out.

But I, instead of mourning, reach out to spark the candle again.

Rejoicing because, in your parting...

you have given birth to a new light,

shining just as brilliantly as you.