The Forbidden Area

By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Bonnie McKay and this story is about what happened to me after I've made the mistake of entering the forbidden area known as the Bermuda Triangle and had no choice,but find some form of material to repair my damaged boat,so that I could go home.

But as soon as I was about a few feet away from my boat,I've suddenly found myself face to face with a strong humanoid male with long hair and a large sword on his side--and then,just as I was about to ask,"Are you able to talk?",something else had appeared in front of us in the form of a half human,half wolf creature known as a werewolf--and it has gotten its sharp claws and hungry eyes aimed right at us.

But that was before my newfound friend had unsheathed his sword and thrusted its equally sharp blade directly at the charging beast,killing him instantly--and after he had yanked the sword out of the furbag's corpse,he had raised it up into the sky and let out a cry of victory against his furry foe.

After that,he had turned around,walked towards me and noticed that I was standing there with the look of shock on my face,which had caused him to lift me up into his arms and carried me back to his encampment,where we had suddenly fallen in love with each other and made me realize that I would rather stay with my newfound love than return to the civilized world.