Hide Me : Chapter 1

Type: Original Story

Rated: NC-17

Summary: It's a rip off of my old story Bloodthirsty for Iniquity, I like this one better. I just started writing it to give myself my daily dose of writing random-vampire-hot-boy-on-boy sex but now I think I'm going to continue with it and get a plot going. Like :D? No like D:? Fwheee pretty boy vampires

"Blood is blood. Blood tastes like blood, it always has and will. Blood tastes like red. If the color ever had a taste, blood would be what red would taste like.

"It doesn't taste coppery or like old iron. If you were to dart your tongue up a decomposing metal post of whittled metallic iron, you wouldn't taste blood, you'd taste iron. Running your tongue up an iron pole however may result in tasting blood if you where to slash open your tongue on a piece of jagged glass.

"Blood's tang does not hit you immediately; the after-taste has more flavor then the first swig. If you were to pour blood in a chalice you'd get the taste of the cold glass, that's how fragile the content of blood is." He ran his fingers through his dead meal's hair.

'Always to the point…' The young boy next to him thought, blue eyes gazing over the lifeless body in front of him and the pool of dark scarlet liquid spreading across the concrete floor.

The voice of the older vampire was catching up to his marathon running point, "So when this delicate substance is spilled all over the floor from a wound to the head... The blood no longer contains its unique taste. It's concrete. Worthless bland…stone." They both stared at the blood diffusing across the floor in an expanding pond of crimson abyss.

"You can talk about how I made a mistake by cracking his man's head on the floor of the basement all day but it won't change the fact that I made a mistake of cracking his head against the floor of the basement." The fledgling said, his sapphire eyes greeting the emerald ones of the other.

"Suppose you're right." The older one tenderly kissed the adolescent's cheek, "Let's clean up this mess, shall we?" His hand reflected on the ever-increasing pool as he reached over to touch the dull carcass lightly. At his touch the cadaver disappeared and the insipid rejected blood.

Azure eyes still stared at the spot where the body left. "I didn't mean to… He was just so loud… I wanted to shred him to pieces…"

"Say no more, Camilo." The slender fingers of the adult vampire gently caressed the young man's ringlets of blonde hair. "You don't have to apologize to me, just to Adonis when we are starving again."

"I wasn't apologizing, just explaining my actions." Camilo started.

"You should apologize; you're taking responsibility for them. Why not take another second to say that you're sorry?" Eaden countered, fingers leaving the velvety hair to the supple skin of the youngsters chin.

A smile greeted his lips playfully, "Because you said I don't have to make an apology to you."

Eaden wouldn't let Camilo play with his long raven black hair even though the boy reached for it, but consented to him leaning against his chest, "But now you have to for being a brat."

Camilo's lean body turned around slipping comfortably against Eaden's form, "You will never admit you are wrong… But you're witty enough to not boast about being correct."

"Am I now?" The dark haired vampire questioned feeling a diminutive pushing force on his chest; he lied down on his back, staring up Camilo who was straddling him contentedly.

Their lips made the acquaintance of each other, "Yes." They greeted each other again as Camilo's hunger transferred to an unbreakable lust, tearing off Eaden's shirt.

The blonde's lips were full and pouty while Eaden's teeth where sharp, nipping at the boy's lips softly. A growl erupted from the back of the boy's throat; he pressed the other vampire's head into the floor as he explored his mouth hungrily.

By the curtness of Camilo's answer one would have suspected it to lead straight to hard pounding sex, "There's a bed over there…" Eaden started as the fervent passion of kisses trailed down to his neck.

Fang's sunk into his throat coaxing a moan from his mouth.

"The floor is here." Was his reply between pecks of butterfly kisses around his collar bone. Locks of hair tickled Eaden's chest as Camilo made certain two sensitive patches of skin were not forgotten. A quiet shutter came from the older vampire as he enjoyed the teasing he received from his partner.

"I need more of you." The blonde stated firmly, sitting up briefly to snap the button off the other's pants; who in turn barely whined in protest.

Camilo kissed Eaden, it started as a very placid kiss, Camilo holding the sides of his master's face intensifying the kiss, tongues battling for every inch of the other.

Eaden's hand's slowly trailed up Camilo's thighs and gripped the area just above them, grinding his hips upward in full control of the vampire's lower body.

"Ah!" Their kiss broke as Camilo had to use the floor for support, shivering.

"Bed." Eaden said bluntly and ever so gracefully cupped Camilo's ass as he sat up. He bared his fangs in his grin, biting the boy's bottom lip teasingly.

Camilo wrapped his arms around Eaden's neck as Eaden stood up collapsing onto the bed, the blonde with his pants half way off below him. In haste, seeing the desperate face of his partner, Eaden discarded the jeans and undergarments constricting Camilo from his full potential.

Their lips convened and broke several times before Eaden used spit to slide his already leaking member into the young man. Camilo always portrayed what he was feeling from his voice, calling out to Eaden as the bed rocked.

Thrusting deeper into the boy Eaden adjusted Camilo's legs to drape around his shoulders, in response Camilo groaned loudly in delight finding what he could of the headboard of the bed to grasp onto.

Wanting every ounce of the creature under him the dark haired vampire pumped at the throbbing erection below him, erotically keeping a fast rhyme with his shoves.

Camilo was begging, "Please, more…More!" Eaden had forgotten how loud the little one could get and leaned forward capturing his lips with his mouth.

The moaning was barely stifled and the blonde clutched Eaden as best he could, gasping sweetly into his ear lips running lazily on the smooth bare skin of his face. Camilo was nearly thrashing, shocks of pleasure scorching through him, when Eaden licked and bit his neck he couldn't stand it and tightly grasped Eaden's shoulders.

In a dramatic climax he came, cum shooting and covering his stomach and the lower of his face, he shuddered with sudden shakes. With the muscles clamping down on him Eaden couldn't hold himself back and with a few last thrusts came deep inside the younger man with growls.

Eaden licked off the milk white substance on the boys chin, barely tasting the salty bitterness. He kissed Camilo's cheeks and lips pulling out of him, letting his legs down from his shoulders.

A foreign voice erupted from a chair next to the bed, "Glad to see you all aren't as stressed as I am." Camilo let out meek shriek and in a frenzy pulled Eaden on top of him, as if hiding.