I sit alone, guitar perched on my knee,

strum a chord and a smile flashes across my face.

Sing with everything I have…

Let my pain pour out with these words,

with this melody.

Feel the music coursing through me,

I believe in every word I sing.

With each note I am set free…


I listen to sad lilting tunes,

tears trickle from my wet eyes.

My heart is torn from my chest

given wings to float away.

Only sweet poetry and music;

can bring on tears,

can make me feel this way.


Turn up the stereo

rhythm rushes through me.

I dance like no one's watching,

though no one ever is.

Know every word,

sing along, and no one has to hear.

I feel the beat,

the lyrics pound in my mind…

When music plays…

I come alive.