"How long until we are there?" were the first words to break the through the noise of the helicopter blades on a warm German night. Captain Richard Hawker sat with his legs dangling outside of the helicopter looking at his MP5SD5 through the green lenses of his Night Vision Goggles. Hawker was always anxious about missions, even though he knew he, and the eight other men surrounding him were possibly the most professional soldiers on earth, but no one likes having to stare down the operating end of gun to get their job done.

"5 Minutes!" A voice shouted over the intercom. Hawker acknowledged and looked out over the Rhine River landscape just north of Freiburg. "Nice landscape," he thought, "too bad we are gotta disturb it for a few minutes." The words of his commander echoed in his head from the briefing.

Earlier that day

"Your target tonight is Hans Backermann, suspected to have ties into a group that has members from the Red Army Faction, which as you may or may not realize was the update to the Baader-Mienhof gang. We- question Captain Hawker?"

"Uh yeah.why is a German terrorist our responsibility, doesn't the GSG-9 exist to do this sort of work?"

"I will be answering that, sit on that question for a bit. We think that he is related to this incident." The Commander pressed a button and the image on the screen changed to an image of a building that endured bomb damage and left lots of rubble in the area. "You remember this bombing on our embassy in Leipzig? Twenty-Two dead more wounded; The United States Government requested to be able to nab this son of a bitch for this one and we are cleared in. So that, Captain Hawker, is why it's Delta, and not GSG."

"Yes sir." Hawker let out smiling,

"Right so it's the team right in front of me. We got one bird from the 160 and we will be using it. Plan tonight," he switched to an image of a compound, with a large house with a large backyard. "Is to land the bird in the backyard. It'll be full dark there, no light will be on there, Germans will cut power to that area while we do this. It will be out for enough time to make it seem like just normal repair work. Upon landing the team will move in, get him and get out. Security looks remarkably light, he's trying to keep a low profile and armed guards would not be doing it. Now there is a lot of house help, maybe a few guards deep inside. Be ready for a lot of close contact. Your target is on the second floor bed room." A pause. "Questions?"

"Load out?"

"Light, only medium weight armor, light weapons, your choice in what variation of MP5 you want your boys to carry. Flashes and smoke." Hawker sat silent for a moment.

"Team MP5SD5 with dot scope, Mk 23 Mod 0 SOCOM, silenced." A set of acknowledgements came out of the men.

"You done?"

"Yeah I think so."

"You got three hours, get moving."

Back on the Helicopter

Hawker drew a deep breath as he saw the roads come into view. It was about a minute until insertion. He scanned his crew in the helicopter making sure that everyone was ready with his own weapon.

"30 Seconds!" Came over the radio.

"Final weapons checks men. Once we hit the ground squad one with me into the right back doors, squad two into the left with Sergeant Whitestone, you know your assignments! Lets get this done!" He closed his statement as dust began to kick up in the helicopter as it lightly touched down. Hawker jumped out the side crouching under the blades, his men followed close in, crouched, running and scanning. The helicopter began to shut down to cut down on noise as the team drew near the building. Nothing around. Then again it was nearly midnight. Hawker opened the door and rushed in carefully. He saw through the many windows that this area of the house, what looked like a grand lounge, or something of the sort, which you could see straight to the front. "Watch for people above us, it's very open. Teams up the stairs now." He led his team up startling a butler who they quickly quieted and put aside. Explanations were for later. They knew the room they needed. "Prep for breach." They formed up, but as this happened a guard came out of a room just ahead in a daze from being asleep, limply holding his pistol, the man behind Hawker, Sergeant Allen fired off three rounds into the man's chest dropping him to the floor. "Prep flash."

"Flash is go." Lieutenant Raez blurted. Hawker cracked the door open as Raez tossed in a flash bang, the door was pulled shut in time to hear the muffled bang and flash of light under the door of the grenade. The operators ran inside to see a guard on the floor which they quickly took out and then went to the their target.

Dazed and nearly falling out of his bed, Backermann was in a true state of confusion as to what happened. Allen grabbed the target and threw him down to the floor as Whitestone cuffed him. Whitestone lead out the prisoner as the other men covered all the way out to the bird. They hopped in. "Command this is Delta One we have package and are departing, call in locals to recover the occupants of the house we are dusting off." Hawker reported to his commander as the helicopter took off."

"Roger that Rich, any problems?"

"Nope, we are all here, just a couple dropped ones in there and a few petrified ones." Hawker replied.

"Roger that get that bastard in here and we can all get back home."

"Sounds good sir. One out." Hawker sighed in relief and looked at his men inside the helicopter as the doors shut. They all looked well spirited as if nothing had happened. "Hey Allen!"


"Nice shot Jack!"

"Thank you sir!" Sergeant First Class Jack Allen was one of the best riflemen that Delta had. Proficient in all sorts of weapons and aim that was impeccable he was quickly recruited from Rangers into Green Berets and then into Special Operations Forces Detachment Delta.

"Greg!" Hawker called to Whitestone. "How's our friend doing?"

"He's still a bit fucked up, but I don't care, he fucked up other folks a lot more. I'd like to take my KA-BAR to him. "

"Don't cut him apart yet, let intel do that, maybe they can stop other assholes like him."

"But then I don't get the pleasure." the newer men to the unit started giving him funny looks. Hawker just sat laughing; then looked at his new operators.

"He's just screwing around folks, he's not this insane.except that time in Kosovo when we broke into that camp, you got the guy with the knife.and shit.never seen that much blood."

"You got that one from what six inches with a 16?"

"Head exploded right off the body." The two men continued the gruesome dialogue until they broke out in laughter. "We're just fucking around. We try to avoid as much blood shed as we can." Laughter was heard in the helicopter with joke telling all the way into Ramstein Air Base.

As the helicopter landed Hawker could see the Military Police outside waiting for their prize. When the doors slid open the Delta men threw the German out the door then disembarked from the machine. They looked around, with the first familiar face being their commander. "Good work boys," he pointed to a nearby C-17, "Drop your weapons off with the Corporal and get on that plane it's the our transport home."

The men nodded and dropped their guns on the table with the Corporal and walked over to the transport, dimly lit in the late German Night. The men removed their Night Vision Goggles, over come by the darkness after seeing green for the past hour and loaded on the aircraft.

"Hope ya'll are comfy, its going to be a long flight home."

"Do we get a meal and a movie?" Allen shot out.

"This ain't United, man." Raez said.

"I saw 'United' on the side of the plane" Allen replied. The Cargo door was closing.


"On the wheel well it said, 'United' followed by 'States of America'" Allen smirked.

Raez threw his canteen at him.