Hawker looked at his watch as the C-17 touched down at Pope Air Force base. It was just a few minutes to three. He had caught some sleep on flight but not a lot, the C-17 was never really designed with comfort in mind. He stretched as the aircraft made it's quick taxi to the ramp where they would get in a transport and they would return back to Fort Bragg and brought through a quick but thorough debrief. Then he could perhaps get home to his new wife.

Hawker got out of the aircraft when it stopped and stared at the 5 Ton Truck in front of him. He sighed and motioned his men to the truck. The men walked over and jumped into the back of the truck nearly silent. As committed as all of the men were, most wanted to get home. The truck rumbled off toward Bragg, which was about a three to five minute drive. "No tapes to watch, nothing to really discuss, we don't need a huge debrief." Hawker thought. The truck made it's way to the building, which they called HQ, and came to a stop. The men jumped out and walked inside. They knew the route, most had done it before, the men sat down in a room designed for briefings and watched as their Colonel Elkhart, their commander walked in. Tall, still muscular, and hair graying slightly, Colonel Nathaniel Elkhart was a force to be reckoned with. A veteran of numerous Delta Operations, ranging from easy to ones he barely survived, he was the pick for command by the Army and USSOCOM. He looked at his operators in front of him and began.

"Good evening folks, welcome back home. We'll keep this short so you guys can get home. The German Government and Our Government have released statements saying that Hans Backermann has been taken into the custody of the United States Government under the approval of the Germans. What it doesn't say is specifics as to who did or the exact time, and when he is going to be transported."

"What time will that be sir?" Sergeant Major Whitestone asked coolly, sitting next to his CO.

"About 72 hours from now, they want to get him cleaned up a bit and processed through. I'm not even sure of where he will be coming to, still under debate. My money says the SuperMax." He was referring to the SuperMax Prison in Colorado; perhaps the most secure prison in the United States housing some of the most dangerous prisoners. "Either way, that's what I have for you about that. Everything seemed to go smooth. Captain Hawker, anything to say? " Hawker stood up.

"Not a lot, most of you know what I think at this point. Smooth work, great job by Sergeant Allen and getting that asshole in the hallway, and nice take down inside." Hawker sat down. His commander looked at him following his short debrief; the commander passed it off, as he knew it was a pretty simple mission.

"All right men, be back tomorrow at oh say.1000 for morning PT and shooting and some fun activities in the afternoon. Locker room is open to change before you go home. Dismissed." The men stood up groaning and wandered down to the locker room for a quick change. Hawker changed quick but waited outside to ensure all of his men left before he did. Hawker was a believer in putting your men first, making him a well liked officer during his time in other posts in the Army. Standing just below six feet and at 170 pounds Captain Richard Hawker was quite the Army Officer. Born December 4th 1972 in the small town of Hollis, New Hampshire, he was 31, and with 10 years of the Army down, he was waiting for his promotion to Major, though it never bothered him much, he wasn't a "rank demon" as he put it. He figured it'd come at some point and just serving the best as he could would be enough for promotions. He looked around the area rubbing his dark brown hair seeing no one; he could leave, everyone was gone. He hopped into his truck, a silver Chevy Silverado and drove off toward home, which was a short distance away.

He pulled up and as quietly as he could, which being a Special Forces Operators was pretty quiet, opened the door and walked inside. The house was large, bigger than he and his wife needed, but it had room for a growing family, which he had, hopes for. He continued quietly upstairs and across the hall, stopping to pet his dog, a large husky named "Laconia" for one of his favorite places in New Hampshire, to the master bedroom. He saw her sleeping there. Mrs. Captain Richard Hawker, Ashley. They had met over ten years earlier at their University, Old Dominion, out of sheer randomness, which was Richard walking into the wrong dorm room while trying to surprise one of his ROTC buddies. Richard wasn't paying attention and went in one door early, to a surprise. A girl with a face and a body like he had never seen and he had no idea who it was. She had seen him a few times in uniform but it was the first time either one of them was in close contact with each other. Needless to say small talk occurred and they were both well off with each other; both graduating the same year, with his degree in Political Science and a Second Lieutenant commission and she, Journalism major. Though they had planned to marry earlier on, his military commitment was extreme and she understood, as she watched him achieve his present status and married him in his status only 6 months earlier. He undressed himself and slipped into bed as quietly as he could but despite the training he got from the Army, and the hundreds of times he tried before form previous operations, she still woke up.

"Just get home?" She said moving closer.


"Where you this time?"

"Germany. It was boring, how was your day?" He said with a matter-of-fact tone and a smile. The fact was that he couldn't talk about what he did, they both knew, it was jus the fun banter of just getting home that they went though. She gently laughed.

"Exciting enough you can wait 'till morning. I'm sure your tired."

"Very, though Elkhart said we don't have to be in till 10"

"Sounds like Elkhart's being generous."

"Very" he replied drawing her closer, "lets not waste it."