How can I live

How can I live passing each day not knowing,
Not knowing weather we will be together
be together ever again, in this multitude
In this multitude im so afraid of time
of time passing by and never being with you
with you, in your arms is were I belong
How can I live lying to all of them about my heart
my heart knows whats best and whats best is you
you are all i think about, night and day I pretend
I pretend, I dont love you and hide it away
away in the dark, away in the shadows, from your eyes
your eyes are all I see when I close mine, your voice
your voice calls to me in my dreams, every night
every night I cry myself to sleep thinking of you
thinking of you is how i spend my insanity
my insanity is all I have left in this room
In this room full of nothingness
Nothingness is all I have
All I have is you now
How can I live without your love...