I saw you stagger down the high street
Looking pretty dead-beat.
I saw you drink everything in
Coffee shops and rubbish bins
You saw me staring from afar
Nearly got knocked down by a car...

But it wasn't me...
It wasn't me you were looking for
No it wasn't me
I don't know what I'm crying for
It wasn't me
No it wasn't me and it wasn't my affair

Saw you the next day with a boyfriend
Looking like the end
You've got a certain sense of grace
You're so bloody out of place
He saw me glancing, I passed by
Called me a tosser, don't know why

But it wasn't me...
It's never me you're looking for
It's still not me
And I come home and close the door
Is it me?
Or were you smiling at me in the street...?


Read something next day in the paper
You'd gone to meet your maker
"Girl of eighteen drowned in river"
I tell you, I still feel a shiver
They said you'd fallen, you were pissed
I think there's something I have missed...

It wasn't me
Wasn't me you were looking for
It wasn't me
Who tried to catch you, please don't fall
It wasn't me
It wasn't me, but I think that it could have been