As you talk,
I pretend I don't care,
As you sit there,
I try not to stare.

You know I love you,
You know you're good,
You know I like it,
You know we should.

As we hug,
I turn away,
As we kiss,
I don't stay.

When you call,
I don't talk,
I ignore your words,
Then hang up the phone.

But the truth is babe,
All I do is stare,
Every time I'm alone,
I wish you were there.

I couldn't bare that last kiss,
I could never let you go,
And as the days go on,
I couldn't be without you.

Babe I'm sorry for loving you,
As I know that it hurts,
I'm sorry that I care,
Yet I never show it.

Babe I'm sorry for loving you,
But I really cannot help,
I ignore you babe,
As one day you'll leave.

By Siobhan
Date: 6/September/2004