Could you face me?
Look in my eyes
Tell me truthfully
That you've never lied?
Could you do that?
Or will you say nothing
Walking away
Leaving me alone again?
I don't trust you any more
You've hurt me once too often
You have misplaced my trust
One last time
I'm sick of the fights
And the things you say
To me
When I'm not wanted
I was being destroyed
By you
Slowly you were killing me
And I didn't even know it
But now
My eyes are open
I can see the light
And you have stayed for too long
You will die without me
I know that well
But I do not care
You nearly killed me
This is my revenge
And I love it
I love watching you scream in pain
Whilst I laugh at you
You can leave
And I will be alone
Free to reclaim my thoughts
And regain consciousness
You will suffer the consequences
And I will reap the benefits
Of being free of you