Okay, this is something short I wrote, hope ya like it! R and R please!
This is an alternating poem, at each verse it changes to the others point
of view, sorta. Then you find out, well that would be giving it away,
slightly confusing, don't comment on it, then I'll be forced to try to

Sister Bright And Sister Dark

I cry not for you,
I cry not for me,
I cry for a friendship that was meant to be,
Mourning for a loss that did not set us free.

I see her cry,
I see her weep,
I see her tears fall down at my feet,
I see her mourn,
I see her sorrow,
For a rift that won't be forgotten tomorrow.

She sees my scars,
She sees my flaws,
She has no mars,
She obeys the laws,
She stands above me,
I sob at her feet,
Her eyes shows sympathy,
My heart turns cold now, colder than sleet.

I see her tears,
I see her face,
I see her turn from my embrace,
Her eyes turn cold,
Turning from her bright unwelcoming hold,
Filled with the secrets that I was not told.

Her eyes fill with terror at the sight of my eyes,
Why I ask? Let's not hide,
She sinks to the floor as I rise,
Taking her place I now reside,
Dominant, a flawless queen,
It's her turn to be unseen,
Filled with radiant white pure strength,
It's my turn to rule this length,
Of this land, with determined force,
My winter must come and have its course.

All I was is now dream,
I'm kneeling here, three months unseen,
The eyes of my twin, my sister Dark,
Are radiant now, she's free as a lark,
I'm now the captive, as she used to be,
She is now the one with integrity,
But three months from now she'll remember me,
And a struggle again there'll be.

Six months from now I'll sink to the floor,
Watching her rise, she'll slumber no more,
I'll enter my hold for three months to sleep,
Then I'll begin to exit my keep,
One month of distrust,
One month of balance,
One month I'll sob, for the power I must,
Willing my sister Bright to slip to the floor,
She'll watch me rise, I'll slumber more.

Staying here are we,
Trapped in a cycle that possesses no simplicity,
Oh how we wish that we both were free.

I cry not for you,
I cry not for me,
We cry for a friendship could have been,
Mourning for a loss that did not set us free.

That's the longest poem yet.maybe if I get enough reviews I'll write more!