A/N: My favorite of all the poems I wrote last year.I'm not quite sure why.
Secrets are a box of jewels, rarely coming out, but gaining attention
whenever they are in the open.
Secrets are a song of friendship and betrayal.
Secrets are the month of December, bringing both cold and gifts.
Secrets are common in the year of your 16th birthday.
Secrets taste like lemons, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour.
Secrets are shaped like circles, a never-ending ring that always
comes back to where it starts.
Secrets are memories of old incidents, brought back in the midst of a
Secrets are a dance of retaliation, going back and forth between old
Secrets have a pocket embarrassment, slowly falling out through a
small hole and traveling to people.
Secrets look innocent at first, but they gain power as they become
more and more hurtful.
Secrets sound like a furious fight, flinging lies around the school.