Upbeat, end well
Disney's liberating Hell
With their money vacuum
Ends up in the board room
Up, down
Up is better
Smiley face
Is better for ya'
Shipped from business HQ
Collector's edition
Made for 25 cents
Forget your integrity
There's only popularity
Become your own
Barbie and Ken doll
Oh, well
You could be right
But you were wrong
The Government was
Right all along
They gave your freedom
But bound it with chains
To nationalism that they
Hope you indulge sub-consciously
Call yourself a reformist
We'll brand you a communist
Against exploitation
Supporting the corporations
Every time you go the Gap
It's just too confusing
Throw it all behind you
Being a slave is better than thinking
God for president
Won the election
Crucified his contender
A true non-believer
Aw, get fame -you're a thing
For our entertainment
Get the big house
Celebrity divorces
Chokin' on your money
And lost in your endorsements
Oh, upbeat, end well
The population's been quelled
With bullshit claims
And a mass amount of materials