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Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman.

Maybe he won't find out what I know. You were the last good thing about this part of town.

Yeah, he knew she had a boyfriend. Everyone at school did. They made sure of it. Or, at least, he did. Any guy who went within five feet of her could be found the next hour with at least one broken limb and orders to keep quiet and stay away.
Elijah had known Autumn since they were three years old. He had been in love with her since they were twelve. Had he told her? The phrase 'are you kidding?' comes to mind.
She'd always wanted to be popular. She never said it, but he saw the look in her eyes whenever he made a crack at Jordan or Mackenzie, the two most popular kids at their school. She had abandoned him in grade seven to try to befriend them. It had worked. It was now ninth grade and she was best friends with Mackenzie. Even worse, she was going out with Jordan.

When I wake up, I'm willing to take my chances on

The hope that you hate him more than you notice. I wrote this for you.

He had written her countless letters. Each one began the same: Remember when? He had so many memories. Nine years of them. The last one being the day she told him that Jordan Hessler had asked her to be his girlfriend. She said they would still be tight, they would always be best friends. Even she knew this was a lie.
He turned on his Walkman and pressed the 'random' button. The CD was International Superhits by Green Day. Autumn had given it to him for his twelfth birthday, four months before she left him for those brainless twits. he stopped himself in the middle of that thought. He wouldn't let them get him angry.
The first notes and then the first words of the song played through the headphones: Today's the Macy's Day parade; the night of the living dead is on its way. He skipped around until he found the song he wanted to hear right now. Their song. This is a public service announcement; this is only a test. the short flashbacks of them at age eleven dancing to this in his room made him turn it off. They will not make me angry.
He turned the corner, sprinting the last forty or fifty yards to his front porch. He was counting the days until school let out. Then he wouldn't have to face her every day. Four classes and lunch, she was his lab partner in Bio. The cruel teachers saw he couldn't stand to be around her, so they put him next to her as much as they could.
Taking the fourteen steps two at a time, he opened the door with his key. His parents wouldn't be home for another four hours.
Locking the door behind him, he threw his forty-pound backpack onto the couch and went into his room.
She was there. She knew that he always kept his window unlocked in case he left his keys at home. She was wearing the Green Day tee shirt he had bought her at their first concert together.
Elijah never swore. He had sworn he never would. But seeing her there, sitting casually on his bed like she did it every day (she used to, but he didn't want to think about that) brought several to his mind. Not wanting to say them aloud, he turned and left.

You need him? I could be him. I could be an accident but I'm still trying. And that's more than you can say for him. Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman. Maybe he wont find out what I know. You were the last good thing about this part of town.

"Wait. Lij." His childhood nickname made him stop and turn.
"You have no right to call me that anymore. Go." Her face fell. It almost made him give in. He was longing to hug her, make her smile. Then he remembered who had been making her smile for two years. His face was blank and emotionless again.
"I. I dumped Jordan." It was almost a whisper. He almost smiled, almost went over to comfort her. Almost.

Someday I'll appreciate in value. Get off may ass and call you. For the meantime I'll sport my Brand new fashion of waking up with pants on At four in the afternoon.

"That's great. Really. Now go tell Mackenzie. Have a sleepover or whatever. Just leave." She winced at his words. This was not the Elijah she knew before. before. she was popular.
"I. I did it because I realized something." She couldn't bring herself to say it now. It had been so easy when she had told Jordan.

~*~ Flashback (two hours prior)~*~

"I. We have to break up, Jordan." Autumn said, avoiding his eyes.
"Why?" Was the only coherent thought he could form right now.
"Because. I'm in love with Elijah." She probably could have phrased that better.
"Who the ~BLEEP~ (A/N: I despise swear words. Imagine what you will should go there, I'm not going to say it) is Elijah?" Jordan blurted. A few seconds later, his dazed mind registered the name to the kid in his gym class with the straight reddish brown hair and green eyes.
"Elijah Bishop, he's in your gym class." She confirmed. He was hurt, she could tell, but she couldn't just keep lying to herself.
"I. Just. Go. Please. Now." Jordan was practically shaking. She knew what he was going to do now. He had a punching bag in his basement. He would take out his anger on that. If she didn't leave.
"I'm. I'm sorry Jordan." She ran out of his house and the entire ten blocks to Elijah's. He wouldn't be home for another half hour or so - she and Jordan had made sure they didn't have classes eighth hour so they could go hang out at his house.
He had always left his window unlocked, because he frequently lost his house key. She got in that way, and nervously sat on his bed looking around his room. It had completely changed since seventh grade. The Green Day posters were still there, but they were accompanied by posters of bands she had never heard of. The Starting Line and Fallout Boy, and several pictures of him with a group of people she'd never met. The color of the walls behind the poster had changed too, from off white to a beautiful shade of dark green.

~*~ End Flashback ~*~

She took a deep breath. She would just have to tell him.

"Elijah, I'm in love with you." She blurted. The look of total and utter shock on his face told her that was definitely not what he had been expecting her to say.

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