Everyone says hell is down
And heaven is up
And earth is in the middle
But they're wrong
You've already found hell
It's right here
You're standing on it
There is no earth
Only hell and heaven
If you are good
And stay brave
You will die
And you will go to heaven
And if you are bad
You will continue to live
Continue to feel pain
Feel worries
Feel tears
Slowly dripping down your face
As you see your family slip away
Away to heaven
Where you were you were now
But no
The devil has found you
And won't let you go
Not to anyone
Will not lose you to anyplace
You are his now
And you will stay
Stay to be played with
Like a little paper doll
A doll that a little kid it playing with
Who has no idea that there are people dying now
People killing now
People suffering
And wishing they were dead
So be good my children
Be good and you shall see
You will die when wanting to
You will suffer little
But if you are bad
You will stay in this hell
This hell called earth
The place no one thinks much of
The place where I am alone
The place where I will live and suffer
The place called hell