Coffee Shop
I will never forget that day
The day he came to me with a flowers
He was a shy little boy
With freckles and red hair
That looked
Like it was made for him
He was shy and came up to me
He held up the flowers
He opened my hand a put the flowers in to them
And whispered those words
I had only dreamed of hearing
The three years of are togetherness
Seemed only three minutes
He would tell me about he fears
About how his family treated him like a slave
And because of that
I would treat him
Like a prince
Like the prince and hero
That he really was
In class one day
He passed me a note
He wrote me to meet him
At the local coffee shop
I smiled back at him
And said
I almost ran to the coffee shop
I loved being with him
Loved being with that face
Loved hugging that body
Loved kissing those lips
And curling up to his chest
I made it there
To that small little coffee shop
But I couldn't find him
I looked everywhere
In every room
Every chair
Every corner
He would not forget me
He wasn't like that
Wasn't he
There was a small crowd of people
At the back of the coffee shop
Police hurried forwards to the crowd
"Pardon me"
I followed the police
To see what was up
And there
Slumped on a chair
Was a boy
About my age
He had red hair
And freckles
That matched him so well
It was funny
I knew that boy
It was him
My boy
The one I was to meet
At the coffee shop