Little Sister
She held the knife
Gripped it so hard
That she was sure it would snap
In her hot hands she held the weapon
And was ready to use it
A little girl skipped merrily down the hall
Going to her older sister's room
To tell her dinner was ready
Going to tell her
It was her favourite tonight
Little did the small girl know
Her older sister was living in her man-made hell
And her sister was soon to enter the real one
Soon to be dead
Soon to be gone
Soon to be lost
That little girl opened the door as the knife found its mark
As she looked up and saw her last vision
A little girl with a look
A look on her face so tearful
That it was heartbreaking
The last thing she heard was a little girl saying
You can't do this"
The last thing she felt was a little girls body
Hugging her
Her little sister pleading her to stop
But she didn't
She pushed in even farther
As a pleasing pain filled her body
As a throbbing
As never felt before
Was felt
She died there
In her little sister's arms
In a pool
Of her little sister's tears