So what was it you wanted?
Yeah, what was it you wanted?
Was it to force my face into the mud
Was it to drench my faith in my own blood?
You're such an attention-seeking nobody
Much like me
But I can put up with myself and little more

So why did you forgive me?
I took a calculated risk
But then you wrecked my chances once again
You call yourself a friend
But I just think that you're vain
And you say I have a problem?
You're bloody right I do
So leave it
Just leave it alone

Just a little requirement
I only want to get out of here
Just a quiet retirement
I'm dying for a drink because I'm shaking with fear
Oh no, we shared quite a few cigarettes
But there's a lot that I still have left to get

All you've said all you've done
And I still have a look of boredom in my eyes
Lose myself in a glass of wine
Lose myself, lost in the design
I'll lose myself to get away from you
If I am lost, what shall you do?
It's not my problem
This time it's yours