The Dragon

Eyes alight
Breath aglow
With fire's warm radiance
Red-gold scales
Shimmer in the moonlight
Wings stretch taut
Claws rake stone
Untamed ferocity stalks the realm.

Clanking armor
Rings over the hills
Ears swivel back
Eyes full of ire
Focus upon timeless quarry
The arrogant knight charges forth
Shrieking battle cries

With a bellow of anger
The dragon strikes
Neck lunges forward
Teeth clack together
Crushing empty air
As the knight twists out of danger

Breath roars through lungs
As the dragon inhales
Sucking air through a furnace's heat
And then releases
His pent-up inhalation
In a fiery crescendo

The knight's armor cracks,
His fragile bones snap
His blackened sword
With a clang
Satisfied, the mighty wyrm
Slits his eyes
And purrs in contented sleep.