Ro Sham Bo

Chapter One: Ro, Sham, and Bo

A/N: This idea was started by Libby and David. (Libby's FP account is: Proh_Crepitus) They are going to help me write this as it goes along. Thanks to Katie (AmazaingBlazes) for the idea of a story. Oh, Libby, if you have a problem with me making this a story, tell me, and I'll stop. Anyways, read on!

Three youths stood in a large clearing, beset by twenty-some bandits. A short girl stood on the far right, a taller girl stood next to her, and a boy stood on the far left.
The short girl was wearing black pants and a black t-shirt underneath a forest green vest that fell to her knees. The girl's wrists were adorned with leather bracelets. On her feet were soft brown leather boots. Her green-blue eyes were laughing and a small smirk had settled on her mouth. Long brown hair fell about her shoulders, and her bangs fell into her eyes.
The taller girl had part of her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and the rest of it fell just below her shoulders. Her blue eyes were ice cold as she searched for an opening in the bandit's ranks. She was wearing a blue wrap-around skirt that looked like it had once been two components. In fact, it had been. One part being a dark blue patterned with flowers, and another a solid lighter blue. Her shirt was white, long sleeved, and a bit loose. It was slashed at the sides and laced up with leather. The neckline was cut aw well. The sleeves fell to her wrists. She wore no shoes, and her feet were calloused and dirty. She wore an anklet and a matching toe ring. Silver bangles decorated her wrists and her ears.
The boy wasn't much taller than the short girl at five foot five inches. His chin was set stubbornly, and his brown hair was untidy. He was wearing gray pants and a matching shirt. Both were obviously too big, and definitely worse for wear as they were torn in certain spots. His fists were clenched, and he was ready for action.
The shorter girl leaned towards the girl on her left, blocking out the sound of the bandit's shouting and jeering. "What's your plan, Bo?"
The taller girl, Bo, viewed the situation grimly. "We need you to make a distraction, Sham, then we can slip through a gap in their defenses. I think I see one at 11:28 . . ."
The short girl, Sham, grinned. "We can have Ro plow through them with a boulder."
Bo nodded, leaning towards the boy to brief him on the situation.
Ro, the boy, nodded, his eyes shining confidence. "All right. Lets go!"
The bandits were advancing; they didn't have much time.
Sham smiled, "One distraction coming right up!" the girl cried. She raised her arm, pointing to the bandits. "Ro, Sham, Bo! Paper!" A gust of wind welled up behind the girl and small paper cranes appearing from nowhere were sent flying at the bandits. Their assailants cried with surprise and pain as the crane's paper wings slashed at their faces.
"Ro, Sham, Bo! Rock!" Ro shouted. At his command, a huge boulder rose from the ground and plowed through the bandits.
Bo was quick to follow with her attack. "Ro, Sham, Bo! Scissors!" She pulled a dagger from her hair, hurling it at the nearest bandit. Seeing an escape route, Bo rushed forward, fighting hand to hand with any bandit that challenged her. "Hurry up, sham!" she called back to the other girl.
Using her short height to her advantage, Sham ducked beneath swords and spears to catch up with Bo. Her paper cranes covered her escape well.
Ro was hidden from sight behind a whirlwind of small stones. With a short jerk of his hand, the pebbles went whizzing past him to strike the bandits. Ro looked very tired, and his face was pale.
Three bandits were left, and they were closing in on Ro. "Sh . . . Sham! Bo!" the boy cried weakly. "Help me!"
"Ro, Sham, Bo! Paper!" A paper bear charged past Sham, slashing at the bandit behind Ro with its paper claws. Bo retrieved her dagger and threw it at the bandit to Ro's right, striking him in the leg.
Sham moved to get the last bandit, but Bo was faster. The girl whirled, smashing her elbow into the man's stomach. "Hah!" she cried, bringing the heel of her hand up under the bandit's chin. "Ro, Sham, Bo! Take that!" With a final blow to the temple, the bandit fell to the ground, unconscious.
Ro collapsed, his energy spent. "Ugh . . . I need a drink of water."
Sham knelt next to next to him. "Ro, Sham, Bo . . . Paper." A paper cup filled with water appeared in her hand and she gave it to Ro. "Great job, Ro! You kicked butt!" Sham exclaimed as the boy drank.
Ro smiled weakly and rasped, "Yea, so did you," before his head fell to the ground in a dead faint.
Bo sat down heavily next to Sham. "Man, we kicked serious tail!" she looked tired, though she managed to pull a comb through her hair.
Sham smiled, though she didn't reply. She shook her head as she looked at Ro. He was the youngest at twelve years old. "Controlling rocks must be hard," Sham thought. "And he's such a young boy . . ." Ro was often tired after battles like this. This lowered Ro's self esteem a bit, so Sham and Bo were always insisting that he'd get stronger soon. And, true enough Ro had been getting stronger. Slowly, but surely.
Bo suddenly lifted Ro onto her shoulder, cutting into Sham's thoughts.
"Come on, Sham. Lets find a place to rest, " the girl reasoned. "Besides, my face gets all red when I fight like this . . . it's not very attractive. I don't want to be around when these guys come around."
Sham nodded, following Bo out of the clearing and into the forest.
This wasn't the first time they had been attacked like this, and it wouldn't be the last. The best thing to do was to keep moving.

A/N: Yay! I LOVE Ro, Sham, and Bo. They kick BUTT! Oh, FYI, "Ro Sham Bo" is the Japanese equivalent of "Rock Paper Scissors". Oh, and just forewarning . . . . It might be a while before the next chapter is up. I'm not sure what's gonna happen. I need help from my co-authors: Libby and David. See ya!