Why do we do the things we do?
Ignore the voices and listen to free will?
Nothing wrong with giving up a part of you,
Such a small possibility you could lose your life as you know it.
So go right ahead, no one is stopping you,
It's a beautiful thing after all, sharing your soul with another.
Ah, but now your soul is shattered.
Could you be what you aren't ready to be?
Once you deemed what you did appalling at such an age,
Now here you are, doing what you once despised.
Why? Why couldn't you wait?
Why did you have to make him live with such a sin?
Only for a short while,
Precautions made,
But still, there is always that tiny "what if?"
Do you want to know if you conceived,
Or do you dread the possible answer?
Yes, and kiss your dreams goodbye,
No, and all the worrying and misery was for nothing
Desire and lust clouded common sense,
One time just wasn't enough.
You weren't ready, your mind cringed,
Your body jumped right in,
And here you are,
Your mind burning you for your sin.
But is love a sin?
Damn the freewill of man!