Thoughts of Life
Part I: War
I sit on my doorstep and I think.
I think about those of us who live in war-ravaged countries.
I think about what war will bring this world to.
I think about the families of the innocent dead.
I think about the last thoughts of the dead themselves, was it joy they
died "a hero's death"?
Or was it sorrow they would never see their friends and loved ones again?
Or was it anger at the ones who sent them to die?
Or was it something completely different?
We will never know, but we know that each death means one more person never
to die of natural causes or old age.
We can only grieve, shake a fist, perhaps, at the one who sent our loved
ones to die.
Do we want this beautiful country responsible for the deaths of not only
our citizens but also citizens of the world?
I know I don't.
Have you seen the way the press badgers and pesters the grieving?
I have.
It sickens me how reporters are always in the faces of those who have just
lost a son, brother, husband or father.
Or even daughter, sister, wife or mother, nowadays.
It used to be the women and girls were safe from being killed in combat,
but now anyone may be killed.
The lives of the living torn apart, leaving a great black hole where the
love of a human being once filled.
Have you been worried for your friends' families who are in war-zones?
Or even your own families?
I know I have.
Do you have friends in war-zones? Killed in war?
Were they young, like so many that get killed? Or were they older, a
Were they married with kids? Imagine how the children will feel when their
mother or father tells them their other parent was killed in war.
I know I would be angry with the person who sent them to their death.
Your family may have supported the war until the news.
If I had supported the war, I would think that this was a waste of time,
money and lives.
I don't care about lost money-it can be regained-but lives can never be
Have your grandparents done grate things, but when they died, you were too
young to care what they had done?
I know my grandfather did, and I was too young.
But what if you died before you even had kids to remember you?
What if you become just another one of those faceless marines killed in
What if you lived through the war and did something heroic, but someone
else got the credit?
Would you be angry? I would.
What if you were the one who got the credit for something you didn't do?
Would you be greedy and take it anyway?
Or would you say, "No, it wasn't me. It was him/her!"
I know I wouldn't take it.
I know I wouldn't want to be found out later and publicly humiliated.
But I also know that if it were up to me, we wouldn't even have wars. But
it's not up to me is it?
I sit on my doorstep and I think about the world and how it could be..