Psalms of the Romantic Fool

I know that in mercy you refuse my sincere offer of worship and adoration, but know this…that whether my God, thus being you, accepts or declines the sacrifice of my soul and fricasseed heart served up on a platter for divine consumption, the sacrifice, thus being me, still remains in wait…and it is quite an ungrateful and wasteful God that would leave the offerings of a devout devotee to rot in vain. It is my firm belief that mercy is unnecessary and uncalled for, on your part, for I understand that your divine and holy light cannot, in good moral conscience, be confined to my person alone. The light of the Lord must shine on all of the women of this earth. Like daily sustenance, it is for the good of womankind…and I would not wish starvation on anyone. I but ask that you shine your light on me for one millisecond, that I might hold the memory of your heavenly glory for the rest of my days and that I may die with a smile upon my lips, for I knew of your grace for an instant of spiritual ecstasy. Who am I, oh, wretched mortal that I am, to demand of a God? But still, I implore and beseech thee, prostrate on the floor and humbled in your presence. Please, dine on me before the maggots of time eat my heart.