Chapter13: Midnight Rendezvous

What the hell? I thought as a string of swear words erupted from the caller.

I stood there dumbfounded, what did I do? I waited for the swearing to subside, and after a few minutes it became an incoherent chain of, what I presumed to be, drunken slurring.

"Hello?" I asked again, after the still anonymous caller slurred of into silence, "I think you have the wrong number…" I stated

"…bitch…hate you…saw him with you!" came the harsh reply. I could confirm it was a feminine voice from the high pitched whining but other than that, I was in the dark.

There was a shuffling noise on the other end of the line.

"Hello?" the voice was deeper than the previous whining, maybe a woman with a deep voice? Or maybe just a guy? It would actually be more amusing if it was girl with a masculine voice… hmmm… oops! Off the subject!

"Ah… yes… hello drunken incoherent person…" I replied in a slightly frustrated tone.

"Who is this?" asked the voice curiously, I heard the whining in the background, promptly followed by a "Shhh, Cynthia! Hang on! Who the HELL did you call?" the voice asked exasperatedly.

I could have interrupted the little squabble, but I was content to eavesdrop on her highness, Queen of bimbos being yelled at, I smiled to myself despite the strange phone call. So Cynthia called me? Just to tell me she hated me? Wow, I feel so singled out and special! What an honour to be at the top of cake-face Barbie's little hating list! Although I doubt the, afore mentioned hate list is short…

"Who is this?" the voice asked again, snapping me out of my rather trivial reverie.

"Sy…" I stopped myself before I revealed my identity, "who wants to know?"

I asked cautiously, I'm not big on the whole 'I'm Sydney!' reveal who you are to complete strangers thing.

"Well I'm Nick, and I'm so sorry bout my girlfriend she's really drunk" the word girlfriend kinda stung, although it was previous knowledge, hearing it kinda stung, why? I don't know! It remains a complete mystery! Ok… it's because I like him but that's not a factor! "Um… who is this?"

Should I say it's me?

Yes, definitely, what's wrong with just saying "hey Nick… it's Sydney"?


"hello?" he asked again.

"It's…" I paused and took a breath "… Ferguson Gomez" I spluttered.

Ok, so I lied… it was completely unintentional! I swear!

"SYD! Who the HELL are you talking to?" I did a complete 180 and came face to face with a disgruntled Jason. He walked towards me really quickly and grabbed the phone.

"Who is this and WHY are you calling my sister at this GODFORSAKEN HOUR!" he yelled angrily.

And I thought only girls got PMS, Jase has thus proved me wrong. Maybe male apes have some kind of PMS period too? I should send Jase to a lab…

I watched him in silence as he waited for the response. He blinked stupidly

"Nick?" he asked rather confused, and then a slight grin formed on his sleepy features.

"Whatcha doing on the phone to Syd?" he asked, giving me a little wink.

I felt my face burning slightly.

"Ferguson Gomez? Who?" he raised an eyebrow at me.

"No… that was Syd…yep…she gave you fake name…why... I dunno, you ask her" he handed me phone.

I shook my head fervently, my jaw clenched, cheeks burning.

"Oh don't be such a wuss Syd! What happened to you!" he slammed the phone to my ear. This hurt by the way!

"H-hello?" I asked hesitantly

"Hey Ferguson why'd you lie?" asked Nick, I could imagine him smiling smugly at that moment! Oh I felt like thumping him over the head! I looked up at Jase who stood a few paces away grinning far too much for my liking.

"Well… ah… you see… I gotta go! Bye!" I squeaked and flicked my phone shut.

I strode over to my dearest brother and thumped him over the head with by fist, which, to my satisfaction, wiped the stupid grin off his face.

"What was that for?" he whined. At that moment he resembled a disgruntled ape, in a pair of red jammies.

Poor monkey…

"For being an ape" I tutted as I headed to my bed.

Before I could resume sleeping in my comfortable covers…

"Get dressed!" announced the ape, a little to enthusiastically, as he pulled me to my closet.

"Why?" I groaned.

"We have to go to… a party… I mean… a doctor!" he stated in a pathetic attempt to lie.

"NO! Go by yourself!" I announced angrily I didn't want to change out of my comfy cotton jammies.

"I can't… because I gotta take you… you know what dad said!" I looked at his pathetic, pleading form…his brown eyes morphing into the dreaded 'puppy dog eyes'.

"Don't you give me the face! I'm gonna thump you!" I held my fist up threateningly.

"Please! C'mon Syd! Live a little!" he urged.

I live… I have a social life! Definitely… I mean I go to the mall… a few times…a year… you know the library… and a lot of movies… ok, so its not as lively as Jase's but… you know… its still a life! Right?

"Syd… a few trips to the mall and watching movies at home does NOT count as a social life! And trips to the library are NOT considered social!" he stated pushing me toward my closet.

I growled at him…

"C'mon Syd! I'd do it for you!" I opened my mouth to object but was rudely cut off "I'd do it for you… if by some off chance you wanted to drag me to a party!" he whined, realising the fact that I'm not a fan of weird midnight gatherings at some godforsaken location, or being surrounded by hormone filled teens giggling and talking flirtatiously to each other about some arbitrary topic about… well I don't know…I glanced at Jase again.

"Wipe that bloody expression off! I'll go! You look constipated!" I snarled.


Half an hour later, I found myself outside a pair of white French doors, loud music reverberating from the other side. Jase strolled in casually and immediately disappeared into the crowd of sweaty, drunken bodies.

The stench of alcohol filled my nostrils and I coughed in disgust, edging my way away from the distastefully dressed party goers.

I carefully avoided any eye contact, for fear of attracting attention, and cautiously stepped into another slightly less crowded room. I still don't know where I am! I sighed tiredly and stayed near the edges of the room, avoiding the dimly lit areas where everyone congregated, the blue lights and lack of any light in some areas, was typical of senior parties.

Glad of my choice of clothes, a pair of jeans matched with a fitted black long sleeve shirt, I edged my way from room to room throughout the gigantic house and finally settled myself into a chair on an abandoned room, where all the excess furniture had seemed to have been placed. The room was dimly lit, crammed full of chairs and tables, which I presume to have previously occupied the currently, teen dominated rooms.

I slipped out my I-pod and settled into one of the couches on the far corner of the room, which was virtually hidden from all visitors. It faced the wall and if I lay down, I'd be completely invisible… a tiny haven in the pits of hell…

I rested my head on a large cushion, listening to my musical preferences on my I-pod. I tapped my foot casually to the beat, becoming more and more relaxed in the quiet environment.

The momentary opening of the door snapped me out of my reverie. I switched of my I-pod, and peered into the minimally lit room, peeking cautiously over the couch.

"Hello?" the male voice asked… I stayed silent, maybe he'll go away?

"Yeah, it's empty in here… c'mon, your way too drunk to walk, just lie here for a while" I watched as he pulled the girl, or I presume it's a girl, unless a guy was drunk enough to slip on a mini-skirt…it's actually very likely, Jase did it, it was not pretty… well anyway, he helped the girl lie down on a couch near the door.

"Arrrgh" she gave a sickly groan, as she settled onto the couch.

Despite my awkward predicament, I couldn't help but think it sweet that the presumably half drunk guy was staying by his completely smashed girlfriend, despite the disgusting stench of vomit and alcohol she was probably emitting.

However, I have to get out of here. I spotted another door, adjacent to the door which they had entered. I slipped my I-pod into my back pocket, and carefully climbed off the couch and onto the floor.

I stealthily crept around the chaotically placed furniture and made my way to the door. Thank god for the darkness.

I crawled slowly past couches and under tables, around armchairs, pausing now and then to breathe and gather my bearings.

At long last, I found my door, except… it wasn't the door I was originally headed to. I paused and pressed myself closer to the ground as I noticed the mop of blonde tresses spilling over the arm of the couch which I was hiding behind.


I silently began to back away from the couch. Carefully does it. I heard something shift… and my eyes widened in panic.

"Babe I'm gonna… HEY! You Little PERVE!" announced the male, as I had just made it past a few tables and couches in the direction of the OTHER door.

"Damn!" darted behind a couch, and then ducked stealthily under a coffee table.

Maybe he'll think he was hallucinating?

"I know you're in here! I'm gonna find your perving little arse and then pound it into the ground!" geese that voice sounds familiar…

If only he had had a few more beers!

I crawled further under the table and pressed myself against the wall, hoping that my black shirt was enough to camouflage me in the darkness and save me from the anger stricken drunk teen.

After a few moments of silence, I poked my head out from underneath the table. It seemed safe… maybe he passed out and knocked his head on the furniture? I hope.

I crawled cautiously toward the door and to safety. But before I could get a meter away from my hiding place, I felt a strong grip on ankle and was momentarily yanked backward, causing me to fall hard on my face.

"Oof" I groaned in agony as I was dragged along the floor.

"You little perve, its pay back time!" he muttered vengefully.

He stopped as we neared a dimly lit area, and I was glad for the momentary relief. It was short lived.

He yanked on my ankle again and flipped me over.

I saw his fist draw back.

I didn't bother to look at his face; the fist his huge hand had formed was capturing my attention as it drew closer.

Oh no!

I closed my eyes waiting for the pain…

After a few moments… still no pain…

I dared to open on eye. And found myself staring into a rather familiar face.

"You're a chick?" spluttered Nick.

I lowered my arms.

"Syd?!" he asked surprised "What the hell? Are you ok? Oh God I'm so sorry! I thought…"

He pulled me up, with little effort, and began spluttering apologies.

I cupped my jaw, where I had been hit by the edge of a stationary couch as I was being dragged on the floor.

I just looked at him stupidly, rubbing my jaw; gosh… a bruise was going to form.

When Catherine and I had planned on me spending time with Nick, I had imagined my midnight rendezvous, if any, to be slightly more romantic…

This midnight rendezvous was a freaking nightmare! I was in pain! And on top off that I felt like pounding him over the head with… a VERY large plank of wood or a heavy hardbound book… whatever finds its way into my hand first…

"I am so sorry! I thought you were a guy!"

"Geese thanks!" I muttered. The revenge that was invading my every cell turned into… well… blush! Could you believe it?

"I didn't mean it like that" he replied, examining the bruise forming on my jaw.

I suddenly realised our very close proximity and jumped back defensively, and as I got caught in the moment of defensiveness, I did the first thing that came naturally.

I slammed my fist into his face.

From his wide eyed expression, I deduced that he was just as surprised as I was.

"Shit! You punch hard for a girl!" he exclaimed as he got over the initial shock.

"Now, we're even" were the first words to escape my mouth.

Before this promising conversation could continue:

"Sweetie, who are you talking to?" came the sickly sweet tone, yet drunkenly slurred voice of Cynthia, as she raised her empty blond head off the couch.

I don't know how smashed she was, but she wasn't smashed enough to forget the fact that she despised me. She raised herself shakily, and made her way toward me one drunken step at a time.

When she had closed the gap between us, she glared at me drunkenly, her breath smelled of stale vomit and alcohol, and I stepped back in disgust as she began her, no doubt, long and incoherent speech about whatever…

After sifting through all the 'likes' and 'omg' I concluded that yes, the empty headed blonde did hate me and was in fact accusing me of deploying a plot to steal her boyfriend, which is true, but it sounded so bogus when she said it, that for a moment, I didn't even believe her!

Nick stood there watching the exchange. I looked at her with a mixture of fear and amusement. She looked funny, but in her drunken state, she was very unpredictable.

I ducked in time to dodge the clawed hand that came at my already bruised jaw. And reflexively, I stuck a hand out and pushed her un-coordinated self over. She toppled into a heap on the floor.

Nick remained motionless, unsure of what to do.

Surprisingly, Cynthia pulled herself back up, and launched at me again, her acrylic talons digging into my skin, my head hit the ground quite hard, and shortly, she began to swipe at my face. I dodged a few of them, raising my arms to shield my eyes.

By god she was an angry drunk!

I know what you're thinking, golden opportunity to beat her up, right?

Yes… but Nick was there and I couldn't really act out and shred his current perception of my sweet, and kind (snort) nature, could I?

So I took one deep breath and covered my face, at least this way she would look like the evil bitch.

"You COW! I HATE you!" she screeched, her vile breath filling my nostrils.

I coughed in disgust.

Acrylics that sharp should be made illegal!

"Cynthia lay off the doughnuts, your fat arse is squeezing my lungs" I wheezed, what? I couldn't help it! Sarcasm is a defensive mechanism!

This comment was followed by an angry growl, and swiping, that seemed to be more determined than before.

Sometimes, defensive mechanisms don't really do much for my situation

What the hell is Nick doing? Hello? HELP ME HERE! Your psycho girlfriend is being… well… PSYCHO! (With reason)

"GET OFF ME!" I yelled, and with one burst of energy, I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, and yanked at it forcefully.

"AHHHHHHHHH! Nick! Get this BITCH off ME!" She screamed.

The banshee cried and screamed louder, as I tried to get to my feet.

Suddenly, she was lifted off me, and I gasped desperately for air.

This was definitely NOT what I wanted my first midnight rendezvous to be like!

Filled with screaming banshees and stupid boys that can't save defenceless people from their psycho girl friends…

Or the fact that I looked like I had been dragged through a few thornbushes… my bruise… scratch marks… a perfect night out!

I'm gonna kill Jason for bringing me here!

Then I'll go after Nick, who no doubt told Jase bout the party

Then I'll kill Cynthia for the hell of it!


I want to go to bed… with my comfortable blankets and cushions, and maybe my stuffed dog Snooter! Weird yes, but I do have my sensitive side.

I walked swiftly toward the door, desperate to escape the angry bimbo from hell, in all her cake-faced, drunken glory.

I edged my way quickly through the crowded rooms in search of a silent haven. One not so easy to find, one with a lock…

As I was edging my way through a room filled with grinding hormone filled teens, I felt someone grab my arm. I turned swiftly, and was fully prepared to throw a well aimed punch at the poor person's drunken face, if that face hadn't belonged to… well you guessed it… Nick

"Hey Syd, look I'm really sorry bout what happened back there…" he began "You ok?"

I looked at him weirdly.

Answer your own bloody question! Do I look alright to you?

"I'm fine" I muttered sarcastically.

"No you're not" he interjected, and held my arm again.

"You think? You're a bright one aren't you?" I muttered frustrated-ley

He didn't seem to hear and followed me, as I decided to continue edging my way around the crowd of bobbing teens.

I found an empty bathroom in a deserted nook of the house and headed in.

I turned to Nick, who had seemed to have every intention of following me.

I looked at him "um… I'd like to tackle this one on my own…" I said quietly.

"Oh yeah… ugh… sorry" he muttered nervously.

I closed the door quickly and locked it. My haven! Yes… bimbo free… people free…

What more could you ask for?

I turned my I-pod on and turned on the hot water, soaking the un-used hand towel and placing it over my 'battle wounds' i.e. claw marks.

I hope Cynthia has one hell of a hangover tomorrow…

I hissed… it stung…

I sat down on the floor and leaned my head against the wall. This was not an experience I wanted to have had!

Stupid Jase and his addiction to hormonally charged teen parties!

As I was sifting through thoughts of hatred and frustration, a knock interrupted my thoughts.

I didn't answer

"Syd? You still there? I got you some ice" Nick came back?

I opened the door slightly.

"Are you alone?" I asked cautiously peering behind him. He grinned and nodded.

He slipped in and I locked the door behind him.

He held out a bag of ice and two cans of coke, and a bag of chips.

"Peace offering?" he smiled

How does a girl resist that?

However in the name of retaining a defensive demeanour, I nodded stiffly.

"Sure" I gave a curt nod and accepted the peace offering

"So, once again…" he was going to start apologising again…

I rolled my eyes.

"It's ok… stop apologising, a million times is enough…" I was actually surprised that anything came out of my mouth at all! Considering past experiences…

Catherine and Chase would be so proud! I can finally say that I have in fact begun to progress on my part of the Airhead Files op.

"Ok, now that that's cleared up…" I noticed him grinning cheekily "how's your jaw…Ferguson?"

I choked on the chips.

"About that… um… it's a…" what lie do I have to cover that up?

"A what?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"A… defensive thing… didn't know who you were…" I spluttered nervously.

Was fulfilling my assigned task supposed to be this hard? Is it worth it?

His grey eyes twinkled in amusement.

" was strictly a defensive thing?" he continued

"Yep" I nodded, trying to retain the little dignity I had.

"So, what were you doing in there? Let me guess… a defensive thing?" he asked again.

I am suddenly VERY aware that he is holding the icepack on my jaw for me, and that he sitting quite close in order to do so.

"Well… I was hiding…" he looked at me questioningly, I swallowed hard "you know… to avoid… people…"

"So, you don't like parties?" he asked raising an eyebrow.


"Your kinda weird"

"Excuse me?" I replied, balling my hand into a fist instinctively.

"I meant that in a good way…" he replied apologetically.

I nodded casually, and unconsciously felt the bruise on my jaw, he had removed the icepack.

It seemed like it was going to be a large bruise.

I groaned inwardly, it's gonna be hard to explain to Jase…

Oh could you imagine the scenario?

"Does it hurt?" he asked


He nodded toward my jaw.

"Kinda" I replied casually

"Kinda?" he asked in disbelief

"Ok, a lot…" I admitted.

"If it makes you feel better, you have one hell of a left hook… mine kills" he laughed and pointed at the promising bruise forming on his jaw.

"It does… it actually makes me feel a lot better…" I mused.

We both laughed.

I felt myself easing up… relaxing… YES! Making progress…

"Hey look, Cynthia was really drunk… she didn't mean it" he looked apologetic again

I nodded, despite the fact that I knew she had meant everything. Poor clueless fellow… I pity you…

I felt like asking him what on earth had made him fall for her, but I held my tongue.

"Care to exchange numbers?" he asked suddenly.


"You know mobile numbers, Jase tells me that very few people have your number" he smiled, raising an eyebrow questioningly

I thought for a moment… yes or no?

If yes… it means… I'll have his number…

If no… ok… got nothing to lose…

"Sure" I agreed

In a few moments, we had exchanged numbers.

"Um… can you not give my number out to anyone?" I asked

"Very exclusive person aren't you?" he asked

"Yeah… you should feel privileged…"

He chuckled "Oh trust me… I do…"

Suddenly, someone rushed into the bathroom and err… relieved himself.

I thought I locked the door?

"Oi! Mate! There are people here!" exclaimed Nick. I looked down at the floor nervously.

"Man that felt good! Sorry to interrupt you dude" the strange boy left without washing his hands… I put the chips down in disgust.

Nick made to close the door, but was stopped by a sudden exclamation.

"SYD!" I been looking everywhere for you!" Jase stood at the door, panting.

He stepped into the bathroom.


He was now a predatory mountain ape, with a thirst for blood.

Nick, breathed nervously.

"It was an accident" he muttered

"What?" he turned on his way out.

I gripped his shoulders and explained everything including the whole Cynthia incident.

Jase took a very deep breath, several in fact before he could bring himself to speak.

"So… you dragged my sister along the floor?" he asked.

Nick nodded nervously.

"That's how she got the bruise?" he asked again, brown eyes flashing angrily.

Nick nodded again; I stood nervously between the carnivorous, angered ape and his prey.

"And then she punched you in the face?" Jase asked slowly, a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"And the bruise she gave you is… gonna be bigger than the one you gave her!" he exclaimed and laughed.

"Weak man… you were taught by the best Syd" he remarked clapping me on the shoulder.

Nick went slightly pink.

Then Jase leant forward and hugged me, he was glowing with pride "did you get her good?" he whispered discreetly.

I nodded with a smile, as I remembered Cynthia's face distorted with a pained expression as I pulled on her grassy blonde hair.

"Good on ya" he replied as he let me go.

"Nick, we're gonna take off" he nodded

Nick looked relieved at the drastic change in Jase's demeanour, and shook his hand amiably.

"Sure man, see ya" he smiled nervously, and turned and gave a slight smile.

I grinned back.

As Jase and I headed out of my make-shift hiding place, he turned slightly and in a serious tone said

"Dude, you ever do that to her again, accident or not, your gonna get pounded"

Nick nodded.

"Good… I'll see ya at school dude" Jase greeted cheerfully. My brother is seriously skitzo.

I gave Nick and apologetic smile before we left.

And to my delight received a gorgeous heart melting smile in return!

I couldn't wait to 'report' to Catherine and Chase! But for some weird reason, I felt slightly reluctant to reveal this midnight rendezvous to Alex…

Why? He was one of my best friends? And anyway… those…that… ARGH! It was in the past… we're best friends… now.

My thought process was interrupted by a light nudge from Jase as we headed toward the car.

"Yeah?" I asked tiredly

"So is that bitch out of the picture yet?" he grinned

"Jase!" I scolded, and we both laughed heartily.

Whadday know? The Ape's alright company sometimes.


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