HA, ok, I wrote this for an RPG I participate in. . . The idea is that the guyÕs not a very good poet or song-writer, so itÕs kind of purposely not good.

MidasÕ Touch


I canÕt make sense of the feelings IÕve felt,

of the truths IÕve kept inside.

I wish I wouldÕve lied.

I guess IÕll just take the hand IÕve been dealt,

and IÕll be on my way.

So youÕre better off without me.

I just hurt everyone who cares.

IÕve laid myself out bare,

and I canÕt stand the man I see

trapped inside the mirror.

MidasÕ touch was golden;

everything I touch just turns to shit.

Everything good thatÕs ever happened to me

was because of you,

and I fucked that up too,

just like I always do.

Please donÕt hate me forever,

the painÕll soon subside

My tongueÕll still be tied,

but please donÕt ever say never.

I promise you IÕll try.