Dedicated to all those caught in conflicts this year. Everytime we flip to
CNN, or any news channel, or flip to a page on Time, disasters loom out of
them. Everywhere people are dying, everywhere people are fighting, and
while humans have seen conflicts all our existence, one wonders the irony
behind the word "progress".

Midnight Stars

Midnight stars, twinkling bright
Far away in deep blue night
When the streetlights dim and the humans sleep
Oh in happy darkness the stars burn bright

Wails and cries into the night
Not of wolves, but of mankind
Wolves howl a melody different from our own
Theirs have less sorrow, and carry a more soulful tone
Another million lives grieved tonight
Another million tomorrow, the dawn shall come;
Blinded by light we see only where we can
Driven by fire we burn where we can and let the flames go out of hand
Like a simple mule, we run and trash and scream
To selfish needs come selfish ends
Exploitation is but a human game
Today we stand, we fight, we die, we cry
Tomorrow the dust settles and buries the dead
Then we forget, we laugh and we fight again

Power, o the lust of power in one's hand
No paw or hoof can hold it so tightly
With power comes insanity
Oh the joy of being crazy
Of feeling the world at one's feet
And spinning, spinning with arms flung out
Power, the crazy man then says
Bring me death! Bring me blood and chaos!
I want sharper entertainment tonight! A human feast!

Are we not drawn to horror like hounds sniffing out blood?
Cycles of the same mistake, we never learn
How to learn? Violence is the essence of life.
Yet how sad, how sad, that such life can be
Today you have rights, tomorrow they are taken;
And while you're mad, who said you were human?
Yes you look the same in form but look! Look at your skin!
And your attire! Your speech! Disgusting! Strange! Nasty!
And all of a sudden it feels right
To sneer and laugh while holding
Another man's severed head high high up
Oh look what I have done! How brave! How proud!
And to die for a blind cause? I shall! I shall!
We had eyes but it was gorged out by the serpent on the tree
Ends meet with beginnings
As babes at least our minds were free
At death we are chained by locks and strings to infinity

And while all these carry on, there lies simple joys still
Breathing is a joy, so is feeling the earth
Running in the wind, being soaked by rain
Eating, drinking and laughing
Sweet sweet life
No wonder we do not die
No wonder we do not learn to stop
We are love stricken with the self; never was there a greater joy

And in all these words, child, don't be afraid
Nor confuse your sweet little head
Just remember that in the darkest night
The midnight stars burn the brightest
And we shall sleep, and we shall rest
In the end that is all that can be said.