-Reno is not a poem that I myself have penned, but in actuality it was written by my mother, and I felt that it was one of her better pieces, you can see after you read this, that whatever talent I posses as a writer came from her.-


This tale was told on a starry night

whilst watching the sky from a falling light

the legend is truth, no finer words can sound

and to this day no better mount found

t'was the great and gallant Reno, steed of Yore

who graces this abundant earth no more.

A riddle tis true, I am filled with wonder

for the mighty gray could ride as thunder

despite his old age and crippled body

he defied all odds, not disdainfully haughty

and though his days were many shrouded in mystery

he will never be forgotten in Camp Spindle history.

Reno clung to life with an undying fervor

until at last his heart held no murmur

his goal to show unaltered pride, so true

is a lesson to be learned for me and for you

for to do ones best at the given chore

will raise the spirits to heights of more.

Reposed as he is now in bravest soil

a burial to befit a prince so royal

he lies with the king of honor and truth

who dared to defy the base and uncouth

and now the two shall ride on together

scouting the hills of Virginia together.

By: Melinda TenTrees