Bloody Kisses Chpt 1: Done it all

By Knightmare Elite

(L Series)

Just a warning! Bloody Kisses is a highly fetish oriented story. It for all intents can be considered extreme in many levels of content. This story includes graphic sexual depictions, strong language, sadism and masochism and other unmentionables. If you can accept this then I hope you enjoy the story.
Valentina licked her lips in anticipation at the brown package. Her legs trembled imagining the forthcoming pleasure. Ever since they announced the newest volume, Valentina waited painfully. She ran a finger over her exposed nipple with a shudder. Tonight was definitely going to be of orgasmic proportions. She picked up the small package heading into the kitchen. Her hands barely steadied the knife as she slit the tape. Finally Valentina ruptured the package feeling nearly faint.

She held it upside letting the stuffing fall onto the counter. In the midst of the mess was her prize. A shrink wrapped DVD with two gothic models on the front. They were absolutely enticing to say the least. One was topless licking the end of a short whip. The other was dressed in a leather cat suit smiling wickedly. She had two fingers firmly inserted into the topless girl. From the dilated look in her eyes, she was in excruciating pleasure. It almost looked as if they captured her mid orgasm.

Her lips were lined with some sort of reflective fluid. It only further excited Valentina. The girl's eyes barely focused on the camera, eerily peering to the side. Through her dark eye shadow it looked twice as deceptive. Of course what really held Valentina's attention were her fingers. It was a very high resolution image; clearly displaying the sticky fluid on her fingers. It was probably an action shot they used for the cover. Valentina loved how this company treated their productions. Nothing was left to amateurism.

"Goth girls in heat volume three. God I love new pussy," Valentina quietly purred.

When Valentina really thought about her life it depressed her. At 28 years of age she felt completely bored. It felt as if there was nothing in life left for Valentina. She completely exhausted all her pliable ambitions and dreams. As she neared the dreaded 30, Valentina often reflected on her life. Ever since coming out at age 19, she completely whored herself off as a youth. Deep in her closet was her little black book from her college days. To say Valentina was a sexual free spirit was an understatement. Masturbating to lesbian porn was one her few solaces.

It was something she held little shame in, rather it was her confessional. Touching herself for Valentina, was the purest form of love. In such it was perfect, no one could mistreat, abuse, judge or use her. In masturbation Valentina was limited only by her desire and emotions. As gratifying as self love was, she still wanted a real live girl. Valentina wanted what she once had, to return to who she once was. Valentina gave up that life when she was pardoned from her previous love. Even though the degradation; her hardest orgasms came in bloody lacerations.

Growing up in a strictly Christian household all but shaped her future. It wasn't that Valentina hated God. It was rather the fact how her parents used him as a crutch. Anything that happened whether good or bad was an act of god. Her life was ruled by religion in every possibly way. What little childhood she had, was stifled by her invisible savior. In her late teen years, Valentina began messing with girls for spite. It was her first true act of blasphemy as her mother put it.

The strange shock was that Valentina began to enjoy them. As she grew into her adulthood, Valentina embraced her secular lifestyle. At the age of 19 Valentina Ramos was a full blown lesbian. Her mother condemned her to hell for such nefarious choices. It all came to a head on the eve of her 19th birthday. Valentina's mother was heading to her room to give her an early present. As soon as she opened the door, she witnessed a most sacrilegious sight. Unfortunately even in her wild ways, Valentina was still bound to her mother's rules. As she heard the door open, her heart blasted in her chest. It was her fault for forgetting to lock the door.

Valentina completely naked, greedily lapped her girlfriend's pussy. Her mother completely flipped. She verbally assaulted Valentina in every profanity she could summon. Afterwards she stormed off later returning with a large suitcase. By the end of the day her parents came to a decision. They could not accept Valentina as a lesbian. Valentina was cast out into the cold night. With nothing but a hundred dollar bill and suitcase, she wept.

Life just didn't seem fair. Why did she have to be persecuted for who she was? There was nothing Valentina could do about her sexuality. She was a lesbian and nothing could ever change that. At one point, Valentina tried to be straight for her parent's sake. Kissing that boy gave her zero satisfaction, not even the slightest sensation. Her mother went as far as to give them her blessing for premarital sex. The boy was well endowed for his age of 18. As they both stood naked, his penis stood fully erect at a staggering ten inches.

He gripped it firmly hinting for her to give it a feel. A small droplet of pre-cum coated the bulging head. Valentina looked at the veins tracing its thick girth with little interest. She looked at it curiously trying to understand. What was it she was supposed to feel? The look in his eyes was pure lust staring at her naked body. Taking a step closer, Valentina fell to her knees. Inches away from his pride she frowned. It was conclusive as ever there just wasn't any interest. She was as dry as a desert. Still in order for her to stay in the house, Valentina had to appease her mother.

Moving closer the scent of the pre-cum all but made her nauseous. She took him into her mouth with some difficulty. Being her first time pleasing a boy orally, she choked. After a few minutes she had enough. It was hard enough holding off her vomit. Though feeling her teeth skim across the skin was satisfying. His whimpers proved she was having some effect. Already having her 'cherry' popped by one of her lovers, Valentina just wanted to get this over with.

She stood up and cupped her breasts. He stared at them for a moment then sucked her nipples.

"What the hell are you doing," Valentina screamed as he clumsily sucked and bit her nipple.

He apologized and she pulled away in frustration. Shaking her head she kept reminding herself the reasoning for this. It was hardly enough motivation to disgrace herself like this. To think her mother actually wanted her to be this boy's whore. All in the name of god, it just didn't make sense to her. Unfortunately there was little Valentina could do. She was young with no money; her parents were all she had. Spreading her legs and resting on the pillow, Valentina prayed for an easy finish. He fumbled with his condom until she groaned with frustration. With a little creativity, Valentina put the condom in her mouth and slid it on. She gagged once again; brining a pleasing smile to his face. Valentina resumed her position of legs spread invitingly. She glanced at the clock hoping this wasn't going to be a marathon. At seeing the erect staff before her, Valentina moved the pillow to her lower back. Any sort of leverage would definitely help.

"I don't think I can take it all," She worried.

With a deep breath he crept between her legs in a powerful thrust. He completely missed her vagina, jabbing her in the lower stomach. On second attempt he found the right spot and pounded away.

After a minute boredom set in, her mind drifted to thoughts of her last girl. The sweet senorita from down the road, they were booty calls for months on end. Her body bounced with the rhythm of the creaking bed. Lifelessly she stared at the ceiling imagining. As Valentina reminisced about her love, she finally started to get wet. Well maybe a man wasn't so bad feeling the inflexible thrust.

He pounded her with little remorse. Her muscles ached from the sheer stretching. Even worse he constantly jabbed at her abdomen from its length. It almost made her wonder if this was what rape felt like.

"I'm cumming," He gasped.

"You don't say," Valentina sighed loosing all hope.

He pulled out and spurted all over her chest. She sat up reaching for a loose towel. He fell back from exhaustion leaving Valentina to clean the mess. The throbbing between her legs was challenging. Never had she been left so disdained after intercourse. The thick ropes of semen on her chest didn't help. While cleaning her breasts she happened to notice the clock.

"Oh you gotta be shitting me; this bitch came in two minutes. I sucked his…," Valentina mouthed off only to realize he was indeed fast asleep.

Such were the tragic days of her incarcerated upbringing. Even with that 'noble sacrifice' on her half; it still wasn't enough for her mother. It made Valentina want to cry remembering the cruelty. In such times, she regressed to her confessional. Valentina placed the DVD in the tray. Now in her prime, Valentina was reaching her sexual peak. Having bedded half the girls at college, Valentina was more than experienced.

She undid the belt on her robe letting it fall to the ground. The summer air caressed her naked body. Valentina knew she was more than attractive. It was a blessing receiving such a body from her mother. It helped through the harder years of life. She smiled remembering a few of those times. As time goes on her body will soon feel age. Luckily Valentina experienced fairly little weathering so far. Her breasts and ass had lost the tightness of 10 years ago. Both were still delicious to squeeze just not as firm. It didn't matter much for Valentina had confidence. That alone allowed her to bring younger girls to their knees. She then indulged between until they succumbed to her.

Pouring herself a glass of wine she walked back into the living room. Her leather recliner waited. Countless orgasms did she experience in that lovely mass of leather. In the rare occasion she was ultra horny, the recliner turned into slip and slide. Tonight Valentina felt just that way. Not having any pussy in almost two weeks left her frustrated. With the arrival of her newest aide, something good was going to happen.

However, Valentina knew after the orgasms receded depression would again set in. Her life simply revolved around work and pussy. Such mundane goings only fueled her depression. Was there any real excitement left for her? Was there anything in this life worth living for anymore? There was nothing that she hadn't already done. Being it sexually, emotionally, spiritually or even socially, life just bored her. Still those thoughts were on hold for the next half hour. Valentina pressed play as she pulled the lever propping up her legs. She could already feel the wetness imagining the hot action.

Valentina smirked almost forgetting her vibrator. She kept it at bay for the most part. It was only if she needed a little extra to bring her over the edge. She skipped passed the copyright warning and went straight to the menu. There were nine scenes on this particular DVD, real money's worth. Before she could select a scene the doorbell rang.

"What the hell," Valentina groaned.

She stood up slipping back into her robe with sheer animosity. It was awfully rude to be disturbed at this hour. It burned deeper as it took away from her masturbation time. Nearing the door the bell rang once again. The person either had no regard for Valentina or had some urgency.

She pulled open the door narrowing her eyes at the pest.

"Now you look here. It's ten o'clock in the fucking night for crying out loud. Don't you know people could be sleeping or doing things…oh," Valentina suddenly stopped taking a look at the 'pest'.

She turned a shade of pink at the sight of the little woman before her. She stood at least 5'3 dressed in a leather overcoat. Valentina pursed her lips admiring the skin tight red dress. It didn't even reach her knees, tapering off at the end of her thighs. Even more tantalizing were her red knee high boots. Valentina licked her lips hungrily craving the girl's body. It was so pleasing adorned in crimson. That alone drove Valentina wild, the fact this girl was cute only added. She raised a skinny arm in a wave breaking Valentina's ogling. She smiled slightly running a hand through her short raven hair. Her sunglasses though were questionable.

"Hello Valentina, I'm Sophette Rivera. I'm interested in renting the spare room you have. I saw your ad in the paper and decided to check it out. Is that alright with you," Sophette asked.

Her voice was soft yet very mature at the same time. Valentina smiled remembering the ad she placed last month. The room in the basement was rather large. It was probably loneliness that made her want to rent it out. She didn't need the money. Valentina allotted more than enough from her 'survival work'. It was a period of her early twenties shrouded in lustful exploration.

"Damn she's fine," Valentina thought to herself.

"Look I'll be honest with you. First off the room is in my basement if you can live with that. Secondly you're the only person that's answered the ad. That alone gives you a grand opportunity," Valentina explained.

"Well let me get straight to the point. I read over your rules and have no problems with them. As you can see I don't have any children or pets. I'm not a smoker and not really a social fly. However on regards of your sexuality; I noticed you made your lesbianism very prominent.

I myself enjoy the company of women, especially pretty ones. If you don't mind, I do like to bring home girls from time to time. It's nothing serious just sex. Don't get me the wrong way or anything, I try not get attached," Sophette said with a smile.

All throughout her taking, Valentina couldn't get over how cute Sophette was. She made her so wet in her ostentatious attire. It was then that Valentina realized why Sophette suddenly got so quiet. Valentina never closed her robe in the rush to answer the door. She was fully exposed to Sophette.

"Hey don't get the wrong idea here. I don't always answer the door like this. You caught me at a bad time. Anyway since you're here and the only response; I'll offer you the room. When are you going to move in; and what's with the sunglasses? It's after ten," Valentina asked in confusion.

"Actually I'd like to move in as soon as possible. In fact if you'd allow me I'd like to move in now. I have the rent money with me three hundred dollars like you asked. I also have the additional three hundred security deposit. As for my sunglasses…well I'm afraid you may not like this. In fact it may sever my chances of getting this room. Still it is your right to know this before hand. Ms. Ramos I am a vampire, but I swear to you I mean you no harm," Sophette shyly answered.

Valentina took one look at the Sophette and started laughing. She always knew such things never existed. Sophette was dressed to impress and looked nothing of the sort. Her frail body and overly calm demeanor made it even funnier. She was the complete opposite of the stereotypical vampire. Even in the vampire erotica stories Valentina read, they were tougher looking than Sophette. She suddenly took off her sunglasses revealing her eyes. Valentina took a step back at their near transparency. They looked like a very light shade of gray almost like water. It had to be contacts, Sophette was good very good.

"Nice contacts, but aren't vamp's supposed to be all gothy and stuff?" Valentina asked while yawning.

"That's the stereotypical image portrayed by the media. Only a few of us are actually like that. Mostly the extremely morbid ones, though we are all depressed in some manner," Sophette sighed.

"Well if you're a vampire why would you be depressed? You have eternal life and all that good shit," Valentina cynically asked.

"If you only understood what it was like you'd take that back. For the record these aren't contacts. It's the mark of a true malignant being of the darkness. The light really irritates me; it takes some time for me to adjust. Though I can see perfectly in darkness, I know you don't believe me. For now you'll just have to take my word for it," Sophette uneasily answered.

"Look Sophette you can be the biggest goddamn Satan worshipper on earth. As long as you pay the rent on time you're okay with me," Valentina said contemptuously.

"I don't want to sound too forward but I must say this. I think you're a very beautiful woman for your age. Don't take it as an insult; you have a very desirable body. It's just something about women with curly hair that drives me crazy," Sophette giggled.

It was an innocent giggle completely childlike in manner. Valentina took a few steps back allowing Sophette entrance. She could see two very large bags at her sides. Valentina waited as Sophette seemingly held her ground.

"What, are you gonna stand there all night?" Valentina asked.

"I can't enter unless you invite me in," Sophette sighed.

"You really take this vampire thing to the extreme don't you? You may enter, come on I'll show you the room," Valentina ushered.

"Thank you," Sophette quietly answered reaching for the suitcases.

"Hey do you need some help with those. They look really heavy. Hold on I'll go get a cart," Valentina asked with concern.

It worried her imagining lugging those huge bags on her stick arms. Sophette smiled and kindly refused Valentina's offer. She simply picked them up and entered the house. Valentina stood in bewilderment trying to make sense of this. She clearly saw the giant suitcases in the waif girl's hands.

"Wait a minute let me see those suitcases!" Valentina asked.

"Fine have it your way," Sophette shrugged setting them down.

Valentina smiled about to prove she was right. She grabbed the handles and lifted. Barely an inch off the ground and she felt the sheer weight. It was impossible they had to weigh nearly 70lbs each. There was no way someone as small as Sophette could lift those. Again Valentina lifted them for all but 10 seconds before the weight was too much.

Sophette smiled and picked up the suitcases with ease. She gave Valentina that 'I told you so' look. Valentina knew something was definitely up with this girl. However the vampire story just didn't check out. Maybe she was on steroids or something. Whatever the matter, Valentina shrugged in defeat. She led Sophette though the hall.

As they entered the living room, the moans from the DVD menu caught their attention. Sophette stared curiously at the 50in plasma screen. It vividly displayed a chapter menu amidst a masturbating gothic woman. Valentina dashed for the remote turning off the television. She fidgeted with her hands trying to come with an ice breaker.

"You don't have to be embarrassed on my part. Pornography is very healthy as is self love. I'm a firm believer in both anyway here is the money," Sophette softly said handing her a bulging envelope.

Valentina took the envelope and continued leading to the basement door. Sophette's soft words gave her a fuzzy feeling. No matter what the situation, Sophette seemed to always contain her composure. It was a quality hot headed Valentina wished she had. They reached the basement door leading Sophette inside. Like she said it was very spacious actually bigger than her living room. It was moderately furnished with a king sized bed, dresser, lamp and mini refrigerator.

"This is it, I'm sure it's adequate for all your needs. The bed should be more than enough for you. I don't mind if you bring a girl over just try to keep it discrete. Sorry about the window I had it bricked because of an ant infestation. I'll have someone fix it first thing tomorrow," Valentina explained.

"Oh no please don't. I like the darkness. I can't take the light I'm very sensitive…very. This room is perfect. I thank you so much Ms. Ramos. You don't know what this means to me!" Sophette shrieked joyfully.

With such excitement her voice rose to an even higher level. Again Valentina had the same fuzzy feeling. She was totally in love with Sophette's sweet voice. Well that and her sex laden persona. Speaking of which, the DVD was still unexplored. It felt overshadowed by Valentina's new border. A cute lesbian alleged vampire. The whole vampire angle was very kinky. It was one of her secret fetishes. Valentina fought the urge to touch with herself right there. She knew there would be time for that later.

"Well I'm going to get back to my movie if you don't mind. If you're hungry you can help yourself in the kitchen. There's some paella in the oven, I made too much," Valentina offered.

"I'm not hungry just very thirsty. This is my night off so I had to find you tonight. It's back to work tomorrow so we won't see each other till night. Speaking of which I have only but one request of you. I don't like to be disturbed during the day. That's when I sleep, that's all I ask," Sophette asked.

"I can live with that. Just one more question. Where exactly do you work anyway?" Valentina curiously asked.

"I'm a nurse at the hospital in the other town. I've been there for a few years now. I work the graveyard shift eleven to five. It pays a lot but I don't do it for the money," Sophette admitted.

"Really money's what drives everyone's ambitions in some way. If it's not money then why do you do it," Valentina asked with uncertainty.

"I've done many bad things in my life that I can't take back. I feel like if I can help people in some way, then maybe I'll have a slight redemption. If only a tiny bit it makes me feel almost like a good person. More importantly there is some very dear to me there. She really wants me by her side in her time of need," Sophette explained with sincerity.

"I see what you mean though I can't imagine what you could have done. You're as sweet as pie and so damn cute. I guess I shouldn't hit on my roomer. I don't want to hold you up any longer, besides I've got something to take care of upstairs," Valentina admitted.

"Yes and I have to go find my dinner. Well it has been nice meeting you. Thank you again for helping me so much. I owe you big time. I'll see you tomorrow night Ms. Ramos," Sophette said as she went up the steps.

"It's okay you can call me Valentina and I'll see you tomorrow. One last thing if you don't mind me asking; who is it that's so dear to you in the hospital," Valentina asked as she went up the steps.

As she climbed the steps, her eyes were fixated on Sophette's small round ass. She was definitely going to be an interesting part of Valentine's life. Suddenly the ass stopped shifting as Sophette spoke.

"It's my daughter, she's very ill…I have to go," Sophette quietly explained sniffling.

She was apparently crying causing Valentina to feel somewhat guilty. Even if it was her choice to answer, it was still Valentina's question. That alone made her feel responsible for Sophette's discomfort. She sighed but suddenly remembered something important.

"Sophette don't go yet. I have to give you a key!" Valentina yelled.

Sophette stopped in the hallway silently waiting. Valentina dashed into her bedroom towards the night table. Inside were her two sets of extra keys. Pulling of the necessary ones, basement room, front door and back door; she brought them out to Sophette.

"Here you go these are for your room, the front door, and back door. That way you'll never have to worry about not getting in. I guess it'll help with the whole daytime situation, whatever that's about," Valentina shrugged.

"Thank you very much. I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm quite famished. I'll be back a little later if you'll still be up. I'm sure there's a lot you want to talk about. That should give you more than enough time to enjoy your movie. Adios," Sophette said as she suddenly hugged Valentina.

The embrace came spontaneously and still felt natural. Valentina stiffened against the warm leather. She felt enamored by this unnaturally pretty girl. Random thoughts of love and fear ran thought Valentina. Of course she found Sophette attractive. It excited her to imagine the immense pleasure she could receive; like all her crushes, Valentina intended to please herself to Sophette. She smiled half laughing at the Sophette's pretty little body.

Valentina drew closer looking into Sophette's eyes. Those ghostly eyes had a very hypnotizing effect on her. Valentina felt a little nervous, she wanted this, but at the same time felt unsure. Just something about Sophette didn't seem right. Even with such hindering, Valentina thought with her clit. Sophette's face was all but a fuzzy distortion. The sweet smell of Sophette's perfume drove her deeper. Valentina's eyelids grew heavy feeling her strength slowly diminish. Warm moisture passed across her neck.

Valentina weakly opened her eyes to a double image of Sophette's head. She could see the hair moving and nothing more. Air came short as Valentina weakly gasped for breath. Only the faint scent of peach shampoo remitted her fear. She again felt moisture only with more dampness. It felt strange like a sponge sliding across. Not a sponge but a tongue, a warm tongue. Gently, it slid across the tender flesh above her jugular vein. Sophette released Valentina letting her debilitated body fall. She plopped into the couch feeling her expediting consciousness reawaken.

Sophette straddled her lap softly pressing her lips against Valentina's. It felt truly sensual for the first time in her life. No kiss Valentina ever experienced held such blissful emotion. As their lips caressed her fluids dripped effusively. Not taking her lips away, Valentina brought a finger between her legs. In the heat of the moment, Sophette surely wouldn't notice.

"I love younger girls, Valentina breathily whispered between kisses.

She had little time to speak taking in Sophette's roaming tongue. Her mouth was so sweet like a donut. It could have been a previous snack. The sweetness only heightened the feel of her lips. Valentina whimpered feeling a slight nick on her lip. A salty fluid absorbed the inestimable sweetness. The taste was eerily familiar almost like…

Sophette pulled away noticing Valentina's sudden discomfort. It was then Valentina saw the crimson stain on Sophette's mouth. She stared at it in awe as Sophette licked it up. Valentina touched her lips and they were indeed bleeding.

"Don't worry I didn't hurt you. I just wanted to see what you tasted like," Sophette nonchalantly answered.

Valentina couldn't believe what just happened. This was totally freaky but at the same time highly sensual. She licked her lips tasting the salty blood. Her heart raced with her breaths of exhaustion. Even more surprising was that Valentina was soaking wet. She wanted more and more importantly, she wanted Sophette.

She weakly stood up feeling more than lightheaded. The obvious thought ran thought her mind. As crazy it was, it almost seemed logical. However believing such poppycock questioned her sanity. Sophette stood at the door taking a look back. She licked her lips never taking her eyes off Valentina. A powerful spasm rocked Valentina; she clenched her thighs to calm to sensation. She looked up and Sophette was already gone.

Valentina stood at the door watching her walk down the road. Suddenly she vanished; Valentina wondered if her eyes were playing tricks on her. She felt a cold shiver run up her spine. What if Sophette was telling the truth? Was she really one of the undead blood suckers? No that was nonsense such creatures don't exist. They're just illusionary tales created to scare wayward children.

Valentina shut and locked the door feeling a little more relieved. Her nerves were definitely on end. Of course there was only one gratifying solution. She removed her robe resuming her place on the recliner. Powering back on the television and DVD player, Valentina was ready to loose herself in her newest video.

It was no surprise how aroused she became during her brief time with Sophette. She was a very attractive girl, and her mysterious nature only further drew Valentina in. It was Sophette's appearance that caused the flesh between her legs to quiver. She knew this was going to be an interesting situation. Maybe just maybe Valentina finally found something to live for. Or in another sense…die for?