Bloody Kisses Chpt 33: Alyria be Thy Name

By Knightmare Elite

I hate self imposed deadlines. Anyway, I'm sure I missed some stuff as always. I'll fix stuff and replaced the file over the weekend. Enjoy non-reviewing people.

"What the fuck is going on?" Janice whispered in focus of Azailla's fading scent.

She tip-toed to the door and pressed an ear to the steel. It was cool against her face in the dull vibration. The outside hall was a hush as Janice listened. Her tongue patted within her mouth. It tasted heavy in the air, faintly metallic and sweet. Blood. "I…I just want to go home."

"I'm sorry," spoke a young voice.

Janice could feel the resonance surging through her veins. She knew Azailla had moved, and the hairs on the back of her neck rose on edge. It was a terrifying expanse of energy absorbed within herself. Her mouth warmed of sweetness. Janice drew deep breaths as the warmth spilled over her lips. She touched her mouth. "What am I becoming?"

The door steadily warmed against her flesh. As Janice shook the blood from her fingers it hurt. She eased away from the door, and with a weary finger she felt the surface. "Jesus Christ that's hot!"

"The door is reinforced with six inches of pure blessed silver. They said it's for our protection," another youthful voice explained almost sarcastically.

Janice whirled around and quickly shut her eyes. She didn't want to see them again. It wasn't necessary since she could feel them. Fourteen distinguishable scents composed her atmosphere. "Dear God, I can taste….oh God."

The thirst lulled her into a false sense of apathy. Janice had hoped for closure with Valentina; in the very least, some semblance of continuity to the life from which she was forcibly ripped. Humanity once seemed so petty. Now she cherished what remained

Janice clutched her stomach at first vibration of the hunger. It came hard and violent, a warning. She pressed against the door for balance. A primeval growl rolled beneath Janice's flesh. Her hand trembled against the door, fingers molding into the steel as she cringed to the ground. It was agony to the transitioning vampire. Janice eyelids flickered as she drew on every ounce of her human soul. She knew how to end the pain; it stood before her a dozen strong literally dripping on her open wound.

"We should do something," One girl whispered to another.

They watched on as Janice huddled herself into a ball. She rocked back and forth, eyes tightly shut as she whispered nonsensically to herself.

"If we don't give her blood, she's going to come for it," Samantha warned.

"Are you sure about this? If she takes too much you could get in trouble, or pass out?" another girl warned.

"She's freaking out! All of us together couldn't even stop her." Samantha tied a bandanna around her arm. "Janice doesn't have fangs yet, but she's still dangerous." Samantha balled her fist and drew a frenzied breath. "Do it."

One of the older girls brought over a small knife. She whispered a short prayer and kissed the blade. "Please be careful." She pierced the fair skin and cut a one inch slit. Red bubbled through in thick seepage across the pale.

Samantha steadied her dribbling wrist. "If it looks like I'm not going to make it, press the emergency button."

The girls looked back at the large button housed in a bullet proof case. Upon activation security would storm the room. Its necessity was often debated due to the in-room surveillance. In any risk of menstrual jeopardy was dealt with in extreme prejudice.

Samantha ran to Janice and knelt before her. She pressed her arm against Janice's lips and they parted. "I think its working!" The offsetting warmth of Janice's tongue scared the girl. Samantha balled her fist as Janice's tongue widened the slit. She would bear the pain if it allowed Janice to feed, anything to satisfy the hunger. Samantha sighed in relief as did the others while Janice fed.

Orgasmic euphoria exploded in the cessation of pain. Janice tenderly held the small arm gulping down the precious fluid. Her eyelids flickered in a blinding light. It dimmed to burnt orange, flames. Searing heat encompassed Janice, and the air was putrid with rotting flesh. Before her stood a 15yr old Alyria, blood soaked from head to toe.

She stood before the wooden platform, and looked ahead at the blood splattered chairs. It amused the teenager as she ascended the steps in red prints. In each hand, her fingers twined in the tresses of a decapitated head. Alyria stopped before a golden throne and opened her right fist. Her fingertips balanced the crown across her wrist as the head fell. It landed in a scarlet splash across her feet. Alyria's lips twisted in arrogance as she faced the crowd, her eyes; human, soulless.

"All hail," She hissed, blood dripping from her face and crown raised high.

Another teenager, a bronze blonde with heaving breasts knelt at the throne. She stood in a silken garb, hair swaying amidst the burning flames. The crowd hushed as she took the bloodied crown, and knelt to place it upon Alyria's bowed head. She turned around proudly declaring, "All hail Princess Alyria!"

"Thank you Carmencita," Alyria smirked as she sat in the chair. On both sides of the platform an impaled body burned. The crowd ritualistically chanted "All hail Princess Alyria!" Everything dimmed to a soft hum, and then a frantic voice…

"That's enough. You have to stop or you'll kill me!" Samantha pled with her eyes fixated on Janice's suckling. She fell to one knee, lightheaded.

Janice's heart stuttered alert in the overcharge. She lapsed; completely overtaken by the menstrual kick. "That was insane; I didn't know you could cum without touching yourself!" She panted deliriously on the floor, mouth glazed in blood. Above her was a circle of curious faces.

"Are you okay?" A girl asked.

Janice sat up in a full body tingle. "Okay, I just saw something. It was like a nightmare, but comforting. Alyria was there all psycho looking, and this girl that looked like me." She watched as three girls walked the still bleeding Samantha to a bed. They cleaned and dressed her arm. "What happened?"

"You don't remember?"

Janice licked her lips in a small shudder. "All I remember is being so hungry, and then that horrible nightmare."

A mirror was held before Janice. "Oh God! Please, tell me I didn't kill anyone!"

"Not this time…" The girl looked back at Samantha sleeping on the bed. "Another minute and you probably would have." She wiped Janice's mouth with a wet cloth.

"I'm sorry." Janice watched Samantha on the bed, chest weakly rising and falling. Around the bed four girls knelt, praying. "I feel like such an asshole." A hand extended before Janice and she accepted.

"Are you going to be okay?" the girl asked.

Janice nodded and inadvertently pulled the girl down. "Sorry, not used to this strength."

The girl pulled herself up and nodded. "Um, everyone wants to know if it would be okay to ask you questions?"

"Uh I guess so," Janice shrugged.

"I'm Amy by the way. We're not allowed to ask the vampires anything personal, unless we have their permission," Amy clarified.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense. The blonde shook away her grogginess to an awkward standing. Unlike her previous visit, Janice was free to explore the maiden quarters. "This place totally looks like a teenager's room."

The walls were painted a unique pastel pink. Depending on the angle, the color darkened or lightened. It was a descent offset to the room's purpose. Along the walls were seven king sized canopy beds, each a distinctive color of the rainbow. Various band posters was pinned above the beds, some having kiss prints.

The back of the room, the entertainment section, held a giant flat screen on the wall. Beneath it was a small console with various game systems, home theater receiver and a satellite receiver. Multiple leather recliners faced the television; in their center was a large leather sofa. It was circled by an overzealous surround sound system.

"Wow, I'm almost jealous of this place. Almost," Janice said.

"They give us almost anything we ask for," Amy said.

Janice looked at the expansive walk-in closet and nodded. "There's a miniature clothing store in there. A girl could get the wrong idea from this getup. I don't know, part of me does feel better that you are treated well. But, this still isn't fair compensation for what have to give up."

"I don't think we're missing much?" Amy assured.

"What about school?" Janice asked as they led her back to a small pink table. Each corner was covered with a smiling doily. The smile was less than comforting in the tiny fangs. It seemed too innocent in bright yellow skin, and exaggerated baby blue eyes. Beneath the shining face was the Zenova Clan emblem.

Staring into those lulling eyes brought back an immediate concern. "This sucks, Karinka was right. Once you get that first taste, you're hooked forever. Shit"

"Do you want more?" Amy asked as the girls crowded around her.

"I don't want to inconvenience you, but it really is hard to concentrate in here. This is so sick, but you all smell so good. You wouldn't think any less of me would you?" Janice asked trying not to stare down the much younger girls.

"It doesn't matter what we think. When we bleed we have to stay in one of the two waiting rooms. The one upstairs is for the older human maidens. You know, less than an hour ago you swore you'd never drink blood…" Amy went to the closet and returned with a pair of pale yellow panties. "These should fit. They're new."

"Thanks." Janice took the panties and pressed them to her waist. "Hmm, I hope I don't stretch these." She looked back at her bottom and frowned, "Might as well get used to this figure. Say, you wouldn't happen to have any pads or anything?"

"We're not allowed," said one of the 'older' maidens.

"How do you use a tampon?" Amy asked.

"Wow, that's bad," said Janice. She looked over at the bar as a girl handled a tall glass. "What's she doing?"

"They call those personal cocktails. They're supposed to be really good," Amy said.

"What's in it?" Janice asked while trying to sense Alyria.

"Let's see; about four ounces of Sprite, an ounce of vodka and six ounces of unfiltered virgin menstruation. Mistress Avani limits the blood to six ounces. Anything higher is too strong for the average vampire. It usually takes three girls to make one. Brenda and Lori are having heavy flows today, so it shouldn't take long," Amy assured.

"I honestly want to be disgusted by that. I really do." Janice frowned. "I feel so dirty for this. How can you be okay with me drinking your….you know?"

Amy shrugged, "Its normal."

"It would feel weird not having someone want to drink my period. I'd feel unappreciated," A brunette admitted.

"This is all so fucked." Janice leaned the chair on its hind legs in wait. "Well it looks like we're going to be here for a while. So what did you want to ask me?" She posed in defeat of her waning morals.

"Can you tell us about boys?" Amy excitedly asked.

"Well, I don't know how much help I'll be on that end. I'm a lesbian," Janice alerted.

"Yeah we know, almost all the vampires here are. There aren't any boys at this location. I've never seen a real boy before, only in pictures and on the internet." Amy raised a finger and walked off to the bar.

"Boys aren't much different from girls. Some are hairy, some are really tall, but I'd say most are handsome. In my opinion, society places too much power in penis--why are you all looking at me like that?" Janice asked in the awkward silence.

"Amy come quick she's going to talk about the penis!" A girl shouted.

Amy carefully made her way back with the tall glass. It was filled almost to the brim in a very dark reddish brown liquid. "Here you are, please enjoy."

Janice stared at the drink, in the bottom of the glass hardened pieces of blood. "This is just wrong on so many levels." She lifted the glass and drew forth the liquid. "I don't get it. How can dirty blood taste THIS good, how can blood taste good at all?"

"Because you're a vampire. Now can you please tell us about penises? What do they feel like?" Amy blushed in posing the question.

"The only real experience, if you even want to call it that with a penis was at my cousin Alexia's bachelorette party. They had the typical stripper. Don't get me wrong he was hot; bronze skin, eyes bluer than a June afternoon, and a body like concrete. It just didn't do anything for me. I honestly tried to get into it, but I was dryer that a desert down there. Even when he inched down his thong--" Janice tilted the glass, dabbing the hardened pieces of blood with her tongue.

"Did you touch it?" Amy leaned so close she almost fell over.

"I was in the closet at the time so I was goaded into a lap dance. Look, I'm really not trying to sound like a man-hater or anything. But I had on a thin dress, and when I felt his penis against my stomach, it was honestly the most disgusting sensation." Janice shook her head in an uncomfortable breath, and slid the empty glass away. The top half was licked clean.

"You don't have to go on if it makes you uncomfortable," Amy softly suggested with a hand atop Janice's.

"Shut up!" Spat another girl.

"It's okay. It's not like I was raped or anything. I just had a superhot stripper grope me. The other girls were jealous because of how he kept hitting on me. He wanted to sleep with me SO bad. It was even worse that I was a virgin at the time," Janice said.

"You're lucky." Amy passed the glass to another girl. "We're not allowed to have sex until we turn 21."

"Why 21?" Janice asked. She watched the girl take the class back to the mini bar.

"That's when we've given 'the choice'," Amy hesitated as the others looked on.

Janice licked a speck of blood from the corner of her mouth. "The Choice?"

"Yeah." An older girl spoke up. She brushed away the curly bangs shading her impressionable eyes. The eyelashes batted above shiny black. Only the eyes of a child held such unrefined depth, and they sparkled in the onset of a blink. "When we turn 21, we're given three choices." Her dimpled cheeks rose and small mouth parted in a smile, cute. "We can continue serving as human maidens, go free with a twenty thousand dollar allowance, or." She fidgeted as her eyes panned the small crowd. "We can become official members of the Zenova clan."

"And by official you mean vampire?" Janice alluded.

"Uh huh. We'll have our own bedrooms, and will be eligible for jobs within the Zenova clan, it'll be awesome," Amy gasped.

Janice's heart rate dipped dangerously low as the room spun. She fell forward clutching her breast. The pressure did little to sooth her literally aching heart. "Shit." Her nails shredded the fabric around the breast in a tightening grip.

"You're turning…," whispered Amy.

"No shit I'm turning." The blonde glared up at the panicked faces. Her lips drew back in the first glimpse of fang. "It fucking hurts!" Janice breathed heavily as the pain rolled up and down her body. It pulsated in maddening waves energy, and then, as if by magic nothing. "Wha?" Janice sat upright with a regulated heartbeat.

"Wow, I saw your fangs for a second. Is it like a baby teething?" A girl asked.

"Teething? Janice rubbed her teeth feeling no such abnormality. "I feel strange." Janice looked at her trembling hands and pressed them flat on the table. The steel legs creaked beneath the pressure. "Jesus, I can feel it. I can feel the power inside me."

"And you wonder why I want to be a vampire." Amy rolled her eyes.

"Amy you don't want this. First of all I'm not a normal vampire. I'm one of Zenova's, and second do you really want to give up your immortal soul, and damn yourself to hell. …God I'm going to hell." Janice rested her head in her hands.

"We know all about hell. Mistress Avani, and some of the vampire maidens explained everything to us. We're not being forced to join them," Amy clarified.

"Regardless of how you defend them, you're all their still prisoners. Nothing but fetish food for them…us," Janice bitterly warned.

Again the older girl stepped closer and took Amy's hand. "No disrespect ma'am, but you have to understand most of us have been here since infancy. This is the only life we know. I'm not saying this is right; and we probably are being taken advantage of, but please don't judge us."

"I'm sorry," Janice said as she watched Samantha stir in the distance.

"No, we were out of line. We shouldn't have pestered you like that. Please don't tell mistress Avani," Amy softly asked. She held Janice's hand for greater emphasis.

"I won't say anything you have my word," Janice promised. She smiled at Samantha and sat up.

"Is there anything we can do to be of service? Would you like a change of clothes?" Amy offered.

"Yes I'd appreciate something lighter if you have it. I don't know what's worse, this damn thirst or being so horny," Janice grumbled as she was asked to stand.

Amy and another girl knelt at her sides taking measurements. "Do you have sex with girls?"

"Only girls," Janice assured. She stared at the distant wall wondering about Karinka. "Hopefully I'll get some today. Karinka promised me."

"I knew she was gay!" a girl gasped.

"Yeah she'd kind of obvious. I know how she feels though. I was in the closet for a few years. It's not easy facing the world as a lesbian, or homo for the slanted P.C. crowd." Janice spread her arms as the tape measure extended. "I'll admit she's pretty and has really sexy eyes, you know for an Asian vampire."

"Sometimes I think I might be gay," said another girl.

Janice looked at the blushing brunette. "And what's your name?"

"Lori," the girl shyly answered.

"Lori?" Janice studied the girl's face. Like the others, Lori's childish features took precedence. She smiled pale blue eyes and small pink lips. "Oh, you're one of the girls who made my drink." Janice's gaze remained on Lori's lips, and in her concentration they reddened with sensitivity. "This is awkward."

"Not really." Lori shrugged and looked at Janice matter-of-factly. "I'm thirteen, is that old enough to know if you're gay?"

An illusionary vice pinched Janice's heart in the age verification. She looked into Lori's eyes, the very girl she drank so intimately of moments prior. In the greater sense she was right, it wasn't awkward. Janice never understood the methodology. It was all relevant. "To be honest, there's no definite age."

"But there has to be!" Lori insisted. "If a person can be born gay, why does it take them so long to find out? If I am I want to know now so it'll be okay."

"Lori it's not that easy. Some girls find out as early as nine, while some don't find out until they're sixty. Let me rephrase that. Some people don't accept that they're gay until sixty. You could marry a wonderful guy, pop out three kids, and be a family for twenty years and still be a lesbian," Janice said.

"Are you serious?" Lori stammered.

Janice nodded.

"That's so lame. Why would you marry a boy if you like girls? Am I missing something?" Lori asked.

"I'd say public ridicule and religious mortality. Both of which I doubt any of you have been exposed to." Janice looked into the intrigued faces, the skin lightened to the point of transparency, all that remained was red. She looked away, eyes closing in concentration of Karinka. It was the only soothing thought in Janice's brittle mind. "God I'm so fucking horny. I'll have to ask her if this is normal."

"What you were saying before about getting married. How would I know if I'm gay so I don't have to marry a boy? If I am gay I'd want to be with a girl," Lori explained.

Janice turned her attention back to Lori; the face stared back in all its childish purity and perfection. Human. "Do you masturbate?" She flatly asked.

The blush enveloped Lori's face as she stared at the neighboring girl. "Yes…I started three months ago. Samantha told me about it, and…it feels good."

"Do you think about boys when you masturbate?" Janice asked.

Lori shook her head. She leaned closer so the other girls wouldn't hear. "I think about Sophette." She hesitated and leaned even closer, lips touching Janice's ear. "I know that's bad but I get this swirly feeling whenever I think about her."

"I'd like to call that a drastic crush. Unfortunately it sounds like you're gay." Janice turned to face the enlarging eyes. "Your taste in women on the other hand is horrible."

"So you mean I could really be a lesbian?" The young girl asked in an eerily content smile

"Not the reaction most people give, but yeah. Having sexual fantasies, they are sexual right?" Janice asked for clarification.

"I'm not sure if they're sexual. When I'm…masturbating." Loris's voice shrank in the word; so quiet as if it were the vilest act imaginable. "I think about her touching me without any clothes on. It makes me get really…excited. Is that sex?" Lori bashfully asked.

Janice thought of herself at thirteen. She sat topless before the glowing monitor; one hand on the mouse, the other, carefully squeezing her forming breast in emulation of the video. Her eyes steadily watched the space beneath the bedroom door; the faintest sliver of light and she would have been busted, "Even I wasn't this naïve at thirteen."

"I've had an orgasm before," Lori spoke up. Her eyes quickly averted Janice's authoritative glare.

"It's not that I don't believe you Lori." Janice lifted the smaller face to hers. "You're lusting after a mantis. She'll have sex with you and then she'll devour you. And I mean that quite literally. Is your life worth an orgasm?"

"I want to be her personal maiden. I would do anything for her if she would…," Lori's voice again shrank.

"That's noble of you but you're a viable food source. Why would they give you to Sophette--"

"SOPHETTE!" Samantha gasped. "Lori, are you stupid?"

"Thank God, a voice of reason!" Janice agreed. She worried as Samantha and Lori quarreled. "I'm honestly afraid for any of you outside this building. You'd never last a day, and that's how they want it, sadistic fucks."

"They're nice to us. Sometimes I get really bad cramps and don't want to give any blood. But I have to, and they appreciate it. They always tell us thank you, and buy us presents. I got a Wii for my birthday," Amy bragged.

"You just don't get it do you?" Janice felt perspiration line her forehead. The room temperature rose to an uncomfortable level. She tugged on the neck of her shirt; it was soaked with a perfect outline of her breasts. "Can one of you turn up the air?"

"Its seventy degrees in here, if they put it any lower we'll start to catch colds," a girl alerted.

"Seventy?" Janice sighed and pulled off the dampened top. "Should I even be surprised at these things anymore?" She set the shirt on the table to a multitude of 'wow' gasps. "What?"

"Your breasts are so big!" Amy pointed out.

"Oh, yeah since I was seventeen I've been in the D range. Valentina pushed me up a bit," Janice nonchalantly explained.

"You're lucky." Amy looked at her baron chest. "I don't think I'm going to have anything like that. I sometimes put tissue in my training bra."

"Breasts aren't everything. Sure they get you a few perks in life, but eventually they don't forever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with small breasts. Look at Valentina, she has tiny breasts and she's not doing bad at all, well if you look past her current situation…," Janice said.

"First of all, YOUR breasts will last forever. Second, Valentina's petite small breasts fit her. I'm already taller than her and I still have nothing. It's not fair. Is it because of all the blood we give?" Amy asked.

Janice watched as her perspiration dripped onto the tabletop. "I'm not a common case you know. Besides you're all kids, why are you even worrying about breast size? You said it yourselves, no sex until 21, so why even stress the small details?"

"That's not funny!" Amy whimpered.

"Sorry. I was just trying to lighten the mood." Janice grew restless in her self contained sauna. "So how much do you know about vampires? Do you know anything about the actual turning process?"

Lori raised a hand and pushed to the front. "I do! Mistress Avani explained it once when she woke up for a midday snack."

"I'm all ears," Janice said.

"You actually have to get bitten to become a vampire. What has to happen though is an exchange of blood. Like, you have to physically digest a vampire's blood, but they had to have had some of yours in their bloodstream first. It mixes and when it goes back into you, it starts to infect your body," Lori confidently explained.

"Oh I see now. So you can't just get randomly bitten and then become a vampire." Janice thought of her interactions with Valentina. "That means that it would be simple to turn any of you."

"Yeah, they only need less then a tablespoon full. They've taken gallons from all of us combined. The one bite and turn thing only happens with werewolves, actually all they have to do is scratch you hard enough," Amy added.

"Zenova said that she can only turn specific people. Her blood is laced with some high-tech crap, and it transferred from Alyria to Sophette to Valentina to me. Apparently, I knew Alyria way back when, and she's pissed at me for some reason," Janice said.

"Oh is that why they brought you in there like that?" Amy asked as the girl sat around the table in great interest.

"For my own safety I think. Whatever happened, between Alyria and this Carmenciata person had to have been bad. You know, I'm starting to wonder if what is happening to Valentina is going to happen to me. But I'm not even sure if what I saw was real…but I just have this feeling, you know?" Janice leaned back in the chair in heavy breaths. She wanted to take off her bra to help cool down, but it felt rude in from of the girls.

"We've seen some vampires movies, they get so many things wrong." Amy motioned one of the girls to the bar. "No one sleeps in coffins, or turns into bats. And why they vampires always have those freakishly long fangs?"

Janice laughed at her own comparisons. "I agree. You know what else? I never gave much though to how vampire are actually portrayed. But now that I am one, I'm actually offended. Why do vampires have to look so fucking ugly? I swear some of them look like someone rubbed their faces in dog shit. We are not sociopathic packrats! OH! And WHY do the vampires always bite someone, and not even finish. They sneak up on the dude, bite him for like two seconds shake their face in his neck and run off. Um, I'd imagine it takes more than two seconds to drain someone!" Janice looked into the amazed faces as she continued her rant. "…sorry I get a little animated about personal things."

"No, I see what you mean. Vampires are very classy and sophisticated. Plus you all look human, not ugly fanged monsters like the media always shows. Look at Mistress Avani. She takes bubble baths and sleeps in a princess bed, not a dark cemetery," Amy said while a girl returned with a frosty glass.

The girl set the glass on the table. "This should keep you cool, hopefully."

"Is that a blood slushie?" Janice asked as she grasped the icy glass.

"Yes, we have a slushie machine by the bar." The girl blushed as Janice sipped. "I made it."

Jancie swished the straw between her lips. The arctic fluid lathered her tongue, and breezed own her parched throat. "Let me guess, you must be the other heavy flow girl, Brenda."

Brenda nodded and eagerly watched Janice drink. "So…"

"Why do I keep imagining child services kicking down the door any second?" Janice asked with in intention of giving up her drink. "Not to be a pain in the ass, could I possibly have another of these? It tastes so sweet."

"I'm glad you liked it!" Brenda walked off to the bar leaving Janice to her slushie.

"About the heat thing, you may not like this part," Lori hinted.

"Why is that," Janice asked in a power suck. The entire room hazed in a feeling of her brain convulsing. "Dammit, brain freeze!" She whimpered in the throb until it subsided. "Okay, I'll just drink slower."

"Your body is dying. That's why you feel that way; everything inside you is going crazy. It's doing everything it can to save itself, so like everything is out of whack. Most vampires get so weak they sleep through it, and wake up dead," Lori smirked.

"I'm going to die at twenty two, never even married. What about my family? Will I be able to see them?" Janice asked.

"I guess you can, but don't you think they would suspect something. I mean if you keep visiting year after year and never age. Plus your skin…" Amy pointed out.

Janice looked at her breasts, a sickly shade of white. She looked at her arms and hands; they too turned deathly pale. "Ugh, I bet even albinos would pity me. Maybe not."

"I like it…did you see Valentina. She looks SO hot," Lori blushingly admitted.

Brenda swapped out the slushie glasses. She eagerly waited for Janice to taste.

Learning from her prior mistake, Janice slowly sipped the frosty treat. She nodded in approval setting Brenda at ease. "Well I guess that's okay, I mean does look your age. So that's natural you'd be attracted to her. Have you ever--" Janice immediately looked back as the doors opened.

Karinka stepped inside the room in a flowing ruby red robe. She moved across floor, almost gliding in her fluidity. An athletically slender leg passed through the robe. It was elevated by a clear heel, glass. Her silken pure black hair was messily splayed across her face. Blood dried across her swollen cheek, and her lip was visibly torn. Still, Karinka eloquently stepped forward with a hand smoothing down her robe. The other momentarily pressed against the door for leverage.

Modesty aside, her sash was lazily tightened. Glimpses of pale breast could be spotted, in harder concentration, nipple. Karinka clutched her stomach in a southward stuffer. Her eyes caught Janice's, momentarily. The contact was broken in Janice's intimate stare. Karinka promptly tightened her sash.

"Karinka what happened!" Janice rushed to the battered woman and led her to a chair. "Are you okay?" She looked back at the girls who sprang to action.

Lori pricked her fingertip with a small knife. She brought to Karinka's cheek and rubbed into the wound. "Is everything okay now?"

"Yes, Alyria has finally calmed down," Karinka slowly spoke through her dribbling lip. She faintly smiled as the small finger massaged the tear. The wound closed up and skin regenerated. Karinka was handed a wet towel and wiped her face.

"No way," Janice gasped seeing Karinka's blemish free face.

Amy placed a shot glass of fresh blood before Karinka. "Do you need more?" Softy, Amy asked with an envious stare on Karinka's healed lip.

She smiled at Amy and downed the shot, tongue leaving no remnants. Amy lifted the glass away and stood with it to her chest. "Was it okay?" Her eyes darted left to Lori and right to Brenda who stood idly.

Karinka casually nodded and licked her still sensitive lips. "That was lovely Amy, you always taste well."

Amy clutched the glass and blushed out a sigh of relief. She turned to the other maidens walked off to the bar with a sense of pride.

"Menstruation has natural regenerative properties. It is a standard component in our first aide kits, and our facial creams." She set down the bloody towel, smiling to everyone's confusion.

"What's so funny? No one got seriously hurt…well beyond normal healing, did they?" Janice asked. She looked over at Amy's genuinely pleased smile. "…I'm surprised she didn't kneel so Karinka could rub her head." "They seem very comfortable in their roles…"

Karinka shook her head and skittishly looked at the blonde. "Zenova and Alyria were in a quarrel, and then a fight broke out. Luckily Zenova was able to reason with her."

Janice smiled in Karinka's diversion of her comment. She was more enamored by the woman's sudden shyness. "How so?" A shiver stirred her restless body.

Karinka's eyes shifted away but head remained focused on Janice. "She wants to kill you," Karinka said. She smiled in a quick glance at Janice's bare stomach, fangs descending at the delectable American breasts.

"Hey wait, are you just going to hand me over to her like that? This isn't fair!" Janice rose up from her seat and flipped the table. It flipped across the room and slammed into wall. "…I'm sorry." She looked at the table embedded into the wall by two legs. "Karinka! Do something!"

"Janice calm down." Karinka stood and stared at the empty space between them. She stepped to Janice, reaching out, touching a naked shoulder. "You are still human, alive. She agreed to settle on your human death."

"So…" Janice moved closer letting Karinka shoulders touch hers. "Alyria just wants to kill me as a human. Then I'll come back. Right?"

"Correct," Karinka whispered. She looked into Janice's eyes feeling the breaths at her lips. "She claims that you betrayed, and left her for dead. It was apparently long before she met Sophette. Zenova had sealed all recollection of you--Carmencita in Alyria's mind after turning her."

"Shit. That means what I saw was real. Alyria killed….a king and a queen. She took over and became--"

"Princess," Karinka said.

"Wait a minute! If she really killed the king and queen, then wouldn't she have been the new queen?" Janice wondered.

"Janice…" Karinka blinked. Her head sharply turned left, averting Janice's somber eyes. "Those were her adopted parents. She was already a princess by heritage, but never found out until her teens. It was already too late. She was sold as an infant by her birthparents. The heir was to be a boy. I assume you understand how that goes. Her adoptive parents, if you can call them that ruled a neighboring kingdom. They were more than content with an heiress. That is as much as we were able to get from Zenova."

"Jesus. How old is Alyria?" Janice asked.

Karinka shrugged.

"How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" Janice asked the quiet Asian.

"Eight hundred and sixteen, give or take a few years," Karinka flatly answered.

"Holy shit, you're older than dirt. And you don't look a day over twenty one." Janice walked around Karinka nodding her head. "Wow, how do you manage? Doesn't it get boring after a few decades?"

"I read, do yoga, and perfect my sword skills, but mostly read," Karinka answered.

Janice studied Karinka's face for the slightest waver. "No sex?"

"I have had relations over the years if that is what you are asking."

"Come on now don't give me that. You're immortal and immune to all diseases. Plus you're hot. There's no way you didn't whore out for a decade or two. No way!" Janice insisted.

"I will not discuss my private life in front of the maidens!" Karinka huffed.

Janice rolled her eyes in a half smile. "Fine. But you'll tell me whenever we're alone?"

Karinka looked at the curious girls and nodded. "One thing I will share. As a vampire ages, they become stronger."

Janice thought back to Alyria on the landing area. "Does that mean you could possibly build a tolerance to sunlight?"

"No. There are some limitations we simply cannot overcome by natural means. We can only go out with heavy applications of specially engineered sun cream, and clothing. Even then, we're limited to less than thirty minutes. With age however, we do build up immunity to silver and holy water," Karinka said.

"What about crosses?" Janice frowned at no longer being wed in a church.

"Crosses are not much of an issue. The power of a cross is tied to the user's faith. Even if they were a priest, it only takes an inkling of doubt for the cross not to work. That has saved many lives," Karinka said with a dark smile.

"Not the human kind, I presume," Janice quietly added.

Karinka half smiled.

"So age makes you harder to kill? Well can you be staked?" Janice asked.

Karinka touched her breast and shook her head. "I am too old to be staked; decapitation and incineration, yes. If you were wondering, Sophette cannot be decapitated or incinerated."

"That doesn't make sense. How can she not be decapitated when Alyria broke her arm? If her bones can be broken then her head can come off!" Janice argued.

"I sense animosity in your voice." Karinka pressed her finger on the nap of Janice's neck. "Alyria made Sophette, therefore she can physically harm her. To the point of death if she chose."

"Then why won't she?" Janice whispered.

Karinka withdrew her finger. "Because, Janice, she loves Sophette more than her own life."

"Heh, you'd think that would give her more motivation to kill Sophette," Janice smirked.

"I wouldn't laugh; Valentina did make you after all. She can as easily send you to hell. But, I doubt Alyria would be too happy with that, not just yet. She after all is just coming into her own. The scientists are hoping to analyze her to learn about the C-Space."

The blonde was intrigued. "So does that mean it's possible for you to do that C-Space thing? If you get old enough I mean?"

"I would have said no. But, the fact that Avani has achieved a C-Space conflicts matters. Even the oldest vampire alive cannot achieve a C-Space, and she is godlike," Karinka carefully explained.

"Wait, there's a vampire more powerful than Zenova?"

"Technically yes and no. Zenova is only half vampire, and it is her other half which makes her vastly superior to us. However, if she were go fight, her, I cannot imagine the income," Karinka said.

"Why won't you say the woman's name? Is it sacrilegious or something? Is she Dracula?" Janice asked.

Karinka shook her head. "You don't want to even know of her existence Janice. I assure you of that, the less you know the better."

"I'll let it go, for now." Janice snaked her hands inside Karinka's robe, around the slender waist. "But, you're still going to have sex with me right?" She asked as softly as her lips would allow in a hush against Karinka's.

"Do you have to speak so bluntly before the maidens?" Karinka, whose eyes shot past Janice into the gleaming faces, whispered.

"Relax they're cool. So are you going to compensate me for this death or what?" Janice narrowed her eyes. "It's the least you could do, and besides, I can smell your lust for me. Nifty ability huh?"

Karinka gave the slightest of nods. "And I can smell yours."

"I guess this means I'll have to go through with…it," Janice scowled and held Karinka close.

Karinka reached for Janice's fingers but held back. She felt herself smiling once again in her obvious desire. "I cannot let my selfish desires interfere with this, compromise."

"Just like Valentina, I don't have much choice in the matter do I?" Janice asked.

"I'm sorry, but there is no other way to do this. Alyria has grown too powerful for us to handle. She wants her vengeance Janice. I truly am sorry," Karinka said.

Janice's heavily nodded, her fingers rubbing the silk of Karinka's panties. "…I was there." She pressed into the material's center. Moist. "Why was I there? What do I have to do with any of this? Why did Alyria kill them…and why does she get to kill me?" Janice bawled into Karinka's shoulder under the weight of her burdens.

"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" Karinka whispered in Janice's ear.

Janice looked into Karinka's eyes, honestly compassionate, and nodded. "When is she going to do it?"

Karinka released a short breath, "That is why I came to get you…"


"When you awake, I can be with you….if you would like," Karinka offered.

Janice accepted the offer. "Please, and in lingerie."

"Then you shall awake in my bed. I must warn you, she plans a violent death. And as you are still human, I can assure you, you will feel every excruciating second as your body dies piece by piece." Karinka's lips hissed the words piece almost in taunt.

"Swell," Janice sighed. She looked back at the smiling faces and politely waved. They waved back, all standing at attention in presence of a senior vampire.

"It was nice talking to you Ms. Janice," Amy said in farewell.

"Thank you for the advice," Lori said with pinking cheeks.

"I'll be back…I just hope I'm still me," Janice fretted.

Karinka rubbed Janice's arm. "We mustn't keep her waiting."

Janice swallowed and again turned to Karinka. "Do you think this is fair?"

"This is beyond my jurisdiction. My opinion matter naught to the words of Zenova," Karinka regrettably explained.

"So," Janice smiled with her arms securely around Karinka. "you do care."

Karinka met Janice's eyes with an unreadable face. "You are stalling."

Janice sighed, "Doesn't hurt to try."

"Come, the sooner you get this over with, I can personally welcome you to our world," Karinka promised.

"Vampire sex, not a bad way to start my afterlife," Janice figured as they left arm in arm.

"Are you prepared for this?"

"Am I prepared for an excruciating death at the hands of a psychopath? Um, no," Janice scoffed.

"I would say it will not be so bad. But in truth, you will likely have nightmares for the next 20 years. Turnabout is only fair play if you are not ignorant of your own offense. Well, it could be worse," Karinka said in an attempt at humor.

"Yeah, worse," Janice begrudgingly agreed as they stopped before another reinforced door. Her arm stiffened and fingers locked into a trembling fist. Janice's mind swam in memory fragments. She pressed her arm against the door. "Shit. I can feel her. God she's so strong. What the hell did Zenova do to her?"

"Made her remember who she was," Karinka whispered. She typed her code on the keypad and the door unlocked. "You are right; her power is chilling to the bone." She leaned over and softly kissed Janice on the lips. "Good luck, don't lose too much blood."

"Uh huh," Janice grumbled as the door shut behind her. "Oh…hi Alyria can we talk about this? OH SHIT!"