Just one year from the murder
Just one year
But it's seemed like hundreds
Still looks for the killer
The one who murdered my boy
It was a year ago
I had run into the coffee shop
To meet him
For a small date
I had found him
Slumped on a chair
With police surrounding him
Trying to figure out what happened
He was dead
I trust no one now
And I have sworn I shall never love again
Sworn I will never marry
Sworn I will live to be an old maid
I will never be brave
Never be fearless
Like I was when he was alive
Never again
But I still look
And wait
For the time
When I will meet his killer
And then I will run forwards
And murder that person
The one who killer my boyfriend
I will never let the killer go
For I would rather die
Then let the killer leave
I will remember that boy
Never forget
His red hair and freckles
The matched him so well
I will never forget
His warm hugs
And soft kisses
I will never forget