She stands at the bus stop
And waits for the bus to come
She looks at the people
Standing around her
They all seem to sneer
All seem to laugh at her
They all seem to not understand
She is running away
From the only world she knows
A world of hate
A world of fear
A world of danger
And assault
She is running away
From the only family she knows
And she is glad
She hates her family
Their cruel features
Smirking faces
Their dark eyes
That seem to say
"I hate you"
And their red lips
Red as the blood
Of the girl
That is running away
When they stabbed her
She wants to tell the police
But she won't dare
If her family ever knew
She would be dead
She would be gone
Gone forever
Now she is running away
So at least she is gone
Gone forever
From her family's life
But would they care
They would not
They don't care about anything
But themselves
So it didn't matter
She hopes to find a new world
A new place
That she can call home
She wishes she had a good family
A caring one
So she didn't have to be