Politics: A Necessary Evil

It's a puzzling maze of strings.
Strings that attach to puppets
And lead up to the hand that controls them.
We'll walk past their smiling wood faces
Into the most desolate of places.
It's a mass of dinners and parties.
A handshake here, a handshake there.
A favor for you, a favor for me.
Underhanded, overrated, exciting and intense.
Positive, negative; what side are you on?
Hurry! Hurry! Make a choice, or get out, you're not like me.
Wading through a mass of comics, jokes, and editorials.
Treachery, scandal, and bias by the ton.
Crawling up a ladder, grabbing power from each step.
At the top is a big long tightrope.
One wrong move, and they'll fall, never to be seen again.
So we make a choice.
Be it right or wrong.
It's too late now.
And suddenly . . .
It's quiet.
They sit on the throne of their making.
They've stopped giving, and now they're taking.
We get what we want.
But it's always for a price.
It's politics.
The necessary evil
Of American's life.