I'm so sick of this shit
Day in and day out
Could my life get any worse?

He sits there with no thought
How I might feel
After this big ordeal

Jokes with his friends
But it all depends
What taste and grandeur he wants

My life was fine
Until he walked by
With those gorgeous eyes

I sank to my knees
Ready to please
All his whims and woes

We dated for a while
Every day I smiled
To be with the cutest guy in school

Are hearts were as one
Mind, body, and sum
Close to each other forever

But as we interlocked
We saw which was not
Meant to be for him or me

A few weeks later
I had the tragic paper
That wrecked my life forever

But he was there to support
When I was to abort
The little babe inside me

But after that day
We did not conversay
For a good while after

Then he went away
For me to stay
And suffer alone
After that day
My pain gave way
To a tragic, tempt

With the knife in my hand
And the blood in my palm
Waiting for it all to be over

As I drift in to bliss
With nothing to reminisce
But feeling forever lonely

But just then, I say
Forget this shit
And make him pay

In Some Way

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