The Convent.

Summary: 'The Convent'. It's my school viewed be me. (This is not a story about nuns.) Please R&R.

Rating: PG 13. Just to be safe.

A.N: This is just me venting my frustrations at my school and teachers.

Now just think. An all girl's catholic school. Yeah you guessed it. It's hell. Imagine, one thousand- two hundred and fifty girls all wanting to use the toilets at the same time. The nails are out ladies and are ready to be used if need be. It's ciaos.

You may be thinking were all sweetness and light but you're thinking wrong. And I'm here to give you the inside look at what it's really like at my school. No gloss and no sugar coating anything. I swear.

Now, I'm giving my perspective as a senior. My school might be different from others so bare with me. I'm in sixth year, my last year. (Hallelujah!) We have primary school until you're about thirteen and then you go to secondary school, where you are a first year.

And trust me first year; it's not a nice year. You don't know where you're going, you're known as 'those little first years' and you usually get told off for walking on the wrong side of the corridor (always stick to the left) by the third years who think there 'all that'. The poor things looked petrified on their first day. Ok I'll admit it was amusing.

I started school this year on the 31st of August. And boy was I fuming when I learned that little tid bit of information. For crying out loud it's still August and technically still the holidays. So anyway class starts at ten past nine so I have to get up at the ungodly hour of seven and catch the bus at eight. Are you keeping up?

My school consists of about two hundred teachers, nearly all women. (To our disappointment.) Ok. there are a few male teachers but they either have a b.o. problem or are four foot nothing. To be honest, I'm surprised the school hasn't turned out more lesbians.

The teachers have actually tried to ban mobiles. (That's cell phones to American's) I laughed and I laughed but I stopped when they said they could confiscate them for two weeks if they saw one. I can't live without my phone. I know, I know, you're probably thinking 'pathetic' but I have people to text and a boyfriend to chat too.

And funnily enough, today in Mass (we have one at the start of the school year) a mobile started ringing. I was thinking 'ha ha you're gonna lose your phone' until Mrs. Carrbery, a math teacher, stood up and walked out of the Cathedral to answer it. I was about to flip out. How come they are allowed to have mobiles and not us? At least we have the respect to turn them off when we're at church.

Today must have been 'lecture day' because my form teacher was complaining about how we wear too much make-up. Have you seen us without our foundation and concealer? Eww. There would be an out migration of men in the country. No seriously, there would only be a few girls who would slap their make-up on, so I don't see why they give out to everybody.

Another thing they have gotten really strict about is smoking. See now it's a law. 'No smoking in the work place' blah blah blah. I figure it's a secondary school no matter what they do there will always be smoking in the bathrooms. So just get over it.

When I tell people 'I go the convent', the usual response is 'like with nuns.' It's not like everybody goes around with rosary beads attached to their hands. We have three nuns in our school. Sr. Sara is the principal. She is really kind and usually if you get caught skipping or something you just use that magical word 'sorry' and 'all is forgotten.' What she doesn't know is that you're skipping class a few days later but with a little more caution.

Sr. Laura is a music teacher. I haven't had any classes with her so I don't know what she is like but from what I've heard she is really strict. And lastly we have Sr. Maria. Now this woman is 'a wee dote'. (That's Irish slang for cute.) She never yells or tells you off for being late. I had her for religion in first year. Her only problem is she is too trusting and she lets everybody walk all over her. Poor pet. So our school isn't over-run with women wearing habits and reciting the 'Hail Mary', if you were wondering.

Ahh the uniform. It's brown and ugly. Brown jumper, trousers, shoes, (Not runners, that's against the school rules.) yellow shirt and a brown and yellow tie. There is an upside; we can wear trousers instead of a skirt.

You might not think that's much of an 'upside', but if you have ever seen other Irish uniforms you will know what I'm talking about. Other schools have really ugly, green, three quarter length, pleated skirts, with like black knee high socks. Uagh. We have it pretty good. Our uniform is probably one of the best in the country.

So anyway back to something more interesting. Boys. There is an all boy's catholic school near ours. And when we go down town at lunch we get to chat to all our male friends. Although sometimes if I see a couple holding hands, I just want to scream 'get a room'. If I don't get to see my boyfriend nobody should. (I know I'm huffing.)

My boyfriend is in college studying psychology so I only get to see him at weekends. And that when my parents butt in with the line, 'Now it's your final year. You should be studying.' Ooooooookkkkkkk. Let me think. What to do on a Friday night? See my boyfriend or stay home and study.. What a dilemma. Parents can be so silly.

I've been at 'the convent' for four years now and you would think I would like nothing less than to burn it down. But I'm sure I'll miss it when I leave for college. It is a nice school; most teachers are reasonably nice as long as you are in 'correct uniform'. And I'd say it's more easygoing than a lot of other schools in the country. So I guess, I kinda, a little bit like my school. (God, my fingers were not letting me type that easily.)

Although if I fail my leaving cert, there is no way in hell you will find me repeating sixth year. Can you feel the love?

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