A butterfly.
It's kind of like life, in that it's so fragile.
Same with love;
If you hold it too tight, you'll kill it...
But if you set it free and it's real, it'll fly right back...
In life you can learn to fly...
But you have to let go of the things that are weighing you down, or you'll
just fall.
Think happy thoughts.

Butterflies can't be held under glass...
It's like keeping a person in a locked room for their whole life...
They need to be free to fly around and live.
But if you lock yourself inside your own mind, your own problems, your own
You'll never learn to fly,
And you'll never be truly happy.
Besides, nothing's quite as beautiful through glass as it is right in front
of you,
Just like a reflection is never quite the same as the real thing.

The colors of a butterfly...
They're like the colors and the patterns of life...
No two butterflies are exactly the same,
Just as no two people are quite the same.
And no two butterflies have the same flaws.
But every butterfly is just as beautiful for its flaws and imperfections as
it is
For its gorgeous colors and graceful flight.
Embrace your imperfections...

Have you ever seen a butterfly without wings?
I haven't...
There must be something beautiful there,
Or you just be crawling through life.
And then you wouldn't have anyone at all to love.

And another thing about love...
Romance isn't the only thing to life.
You don't have to have a boyfriend to be happy.
The love of your friends and family is enough to last ten thousand
But the love of a boyfriend may only last a week.
You can't always depend on your boyfriend for everything,
And he won't always be there...
Have you ever seen a cat chase a butterfly?
They claw at them, try to catch them and rip them apart...
If you were a butterfly, would you want to go back to that cat?
So why would you want to go back to someone who hurt you?
It's easier to fly alone than to play cat-and-butterfly all your life.

...Butterflies don't cry.
Dry your eyes and spread your wings...
Just follow your heart.
Whatever you do, don't look down, or you may fall.
But there will always be a little flower there to catch you in case you